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What is it ?
Our IPM Spray is the gold standard among safe organic practices for getting rid of spider mites, thrips, and all other plant dwelling critters that are causing you grief.
Formulated using state of the art practices and high quality ingredients, our IPM spray contains everything you need to stop invasive bugs in their tracks.
Whats in it?
Our IPM spray contains the following amazing insecticidal ingredients
• Emulsified Neem Oil
• Silica
• Saponins
• Fulvic Acid
• Fermented Tumeric Extract
• Special Microbial Mixture
• Aloe N Kelp Ferment
• Essential Oils
• 100% Raw Aloe
How Do I Use It ?
IPM Spray should ideally be diluted only when required.
• For active infestation we recommend up to 50mL / L (if your plants can handle it).
• For preventative measures we recommend using up to 20mL / L (if your plants can handle it).
• Manually wipe off as many pests as possible with a damp cloth / tissue paper.
• Spray the underside of the leafs or otherwise where the target pest is residing on the plant.
• Foliar Application should be applied 1 once daily for an active infestation, with the possibility to applying twice if your plants appear show no negative signs post treatment (drooped leafs).
• The OGS IPM Spray should NOT be applied when the plant is in need of watering (during peak sunlight). This will lead to potential damage of your plants, ideally apply at dawn / dusk.
OGS Agsil
What is it?
OGS  Potassium Silicate is designed to be used as a foliar feed or wetting agent (in small amounts). Additionally AgSil has shown effective results against foreign invaders (mites, thrips, aphids etc)
Silica is an important macro-molecule used in the re-enforcement and fortification of cell walls.
As a result, plants grown with Silica will have leaves that are darker green, increasing their potential for photosynthesis and better growth. Silica invigorates yours plants and bolsters their resilience to pests and pathogens, leading to healthier plants and bigger yields.
Once Silica has been taken up by plant leaves, it is permanently deposited into the cell walls within 24 hours. The deposits form a silica-cellulose framework which can be created rapidly, effectively reinforcing the cell walls of your plants; These stronger cell walls help to shield your plants and make them more resilient towards infestations by sucking insects (white flies, aphids, etc).
In addition, plants will transport and deposit any Silica it uptakes to the area of a pathogen attack (powdery mildew, pythium, etc), stimulating the production of anti-fungal compounds that halt the infection process.
Silica also helps to balance the uptake of elements, competing against certain metals that are essential but can be problematic in excess such as Aluminium, Manganese, and Iron; As well as increases the fertility of pollen to ensure successful breeding and healthy progeny. 
Potassium is essential for the development of flowering plants. It also increases your plants ability to uptake and utilize CO2, which is critical for all stages of growth.
How do I use it?
Note: Due to the alkalinity of this product it is advisable to buffer the pH with something acidic such as humic acid when using AgSil.
AgSil must be Foliar Fed:
25 mL per 10 L water every 2 weeks or as required.
Spot-Spraying - 25 mL per 10 L water as required.

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