OGS Malted Barley Grain 1Kg

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When used in your garden Malted Barley Grain functions as a source of growth hormone catalysts, providing enzymes and plant hormone producing microbes to supercharge your garden.
For your convenience our Malted Barley Grain has been scientifically germinated and dried under strict conditions to produce the most enzymes possible - No More Sprouting Barley At Home!
Note - If you lack the means to grind your Malted Barley simply ask us when you order and we'll do it for you at no extra cost! However, it's generally better to grind the grain fresh yourself (kind of like coffee).
What is Malted Barley Grain?
Barley Grains are an exceptionally rich source of microbes, with a wide range of bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts colonising the area between the husk and the pericarp. Many of the bacteria and fungi found on Barley Grains produce biologically significant levels of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), a vital plant growth hormone that promotes cell division and is involved in the coordination and development of plant organs.
During the malting process the grains are made to germinate under strict conditions in order to facilitate the development of internally present hydrolytic enzymes. These enzymes catalyse the degradation of the starchy endosperm and cell walls of the grain in the presence of water, modifying the structure of the barley endosperm. Once germinated the grain is dried under conditions designed to prevent the denaturing of the enzymes.
How do I use Malted Barley Grain?
Malted Barley Grain makes an exceptional Sprouted Seed Tea (SST), soil amendment (we use it in our mixes!) and topdressing.
Soil Amendment: Use 1½ - 2 cups per 30L of base mix. 
Topdressing:  Grind into a powder, apply 1 tablespoon to the base of a 30L pot and water in. The OGS All In-One Water Supplement works in concert with a Malt Barley topdressing to get the most out of the grain.
Sprouted Seed Tea:
1. Add 7 grams of ground Malted Barley Grain per Litre of water.
2. Bubble the water with Barley in it for 12-24 hours.
(Warning: it will foam a lot)

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