Ozi Magic Gro Juice Sweet Az Flush

Size: 1L
Sale price$19.50


Sweet Az is the perfect flowering catalyst with constituents of essential metabolites and enzymes designed to enhance your feeding program and maximise the results given. You will experience increased yields, flavour and essential oil production with any nutrient mix and Sweet Az. However the results are best when using Sweet Az with the Ozi Magic nutrient range as it has been formulated specifically for use with Magic Bud Grow, Monsta Bud and Ozi Tonic.
For use in Grow/Flowering Fruiting Stage
Grow Stage: Use 1mL to every 1L of water plus your favourite grow nutrient. Use with Ozi Magic Bud Grow for best results.
Flowering/Fruiting Stage: Start with 2mL to every 1L of water. Add to your normal food program, Monsta Bud and Ozi Tonic are best. Increase Sweet Az by 1mL extra per week to the end of flowering/fruiting stage.
Use at 10mL per 1L of water for use as a FLUSH. Use only clean water.
  • Sweet Az is not a mineral fertiliser.
  • Sweet Az is a blend of constituents of essential Metabolites and essential enzymes.
Not for use with synthetic hormone based products.

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