Iso Max Fan 315mm 2380m³/h

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Max-Fan integrated into a silencer
The Iso-Max is based upon our patented 3D rotor-stator system, which guarantees impressive airflows. Unique to this fan is the fact that it’s actually a fan integrated into a silencer. The steel housing of the Iso-Max is extremely well insulated with a special type of foam. This makes for a very silent fan, thanks to the combination of high-quality insulation and the low turbulence of the airflow.
Iso-Max is a totally unique diagonal tube fan designed to be efficient, powerful and silent. Iso-Max, like Max-Fan, uses the stator-rotor system that enables it to be efficient - air performance wise and power consumption wise. However, Iso-Max is a particular type of fan because it is a fan integrated in a silencer; the housing of the fan is completely made out of metal, and for the noise reduction it is equipped with a special type of foam. Its light-weight, strong air performance and quietness makes Iso-Max the most advanced choice for a ventilation application.
Iso-max is now controllable using Can-Fan Satellite 4A, this combination functions as a speed Controller. In case you want to have full control, just Plug Can Fan LCD EC Controller in your Can Fan Satellite 4A and you are ready to go.
Iso Max is equipped with a thermal switch, that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature. In addition, Iso-Max comes with mounting brackets for easier installation.
For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Iso-Max together with Can Filters.
  • Max-Fan integrated into a silencer
  • Silent and powerful
  • Easy to mount
  • Rotor-stator uniform airflow
  • Full galvanized metal housing
  • Acoustic foam padding
  • Swiss made motor
  • Controllable in combination with the Satellite 4A and LCD EC Fan Controller
Material Metal
Length 680mm
Weight 13.1kg
Diameter 315mm
Capacity 2380m³/h
Current 1.7A
Power 265W
Speed controller allowed Yes
Compatible Filter:

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