Kill-a-Mite 100ml

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Are spider mites the bane of your existence?
Kill-A-mite is Nulife Technologies solution to your spider mite problems.
Spider mite populations can quickly spiral out of control and decimate your crop.
Kill-A-Mite is used as a foliar spray that requires only 1ml per litre to make. That means that one 100ml bottle makes 100 litres!
Kill-A-Mite is best used with an initial spray then followed by a second spray seven days later to ensure that any eggs hatched are also killed.
1/2ml per litre in the resevoir, as a drench, will kill fungus gnats or scarid fly larvae in root zone.
For Spider Mites, 1ml per litre as a foliar spray. Spray once for then a second time 3 days later.

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