Can Lite 600 Steel 150mm Filter

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Can Lite 600 Steel Filter

6 inch / 150mm

The “lightweight” filter from Can-Filters. Literally speaking that is performance wise an absolute heavyweight. Thanks to its lightweight carbon, the Lite-filters are more practical and easy to use and they have a minimum lifespan of 18 months. There are 13 version ranging from 150 m³/h up to 4500 m³/h

  • Lite carbon CKG 48
  • Lightweight filters with a minimum of 18 months lifespan
  • Easy to handle and to mount
  • Maximum capacity Can-Lite 4500 m³/h
  • Original mesh pattern for efficient airflow
  • Multi-layer pre-filter for better protection of the carbon
  • Most activated carbon per cm2 for better adsorption

Resistant to up to 70% humidity and max. 80 degrees Celsius.


Material: Steel
Length: 47.5 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Carbon Weight: 2.2 kg
Diameter: 20 cm
Carbon Bed: 3.5 cm
Carbon Type: Lite
Technical Capacity: 660 m³/h
Practical Capacity: 600 m³/h
Flange: 160/150 



  1. Q-Max EC 150
  2. Max-Fan Pro 150
  3. Can-Fan RK 150
  4. Can-Fan RS 150
  5. Iso-Max 150

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