Hydro 24 T5 Reflector Black 4x24w Lamps

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T5 Propagation Light Kit 4 x 24 Watt Hydro24
Hydro T5 Lighting 6400K (Cool White)
T5’s used in propagation will produce even growth and bushiness with short internodes and thick stems. However, unlike other fluorescent lights they can be used throughout the growth cycle to produce mature plants of great quality.
The Growlush Hydro Series T5 propagation lights offer you a headache-free solution for keeping your young clones, seedlings and precious mother plants happy and productive while saving electricity and keeping temperatures in your propagation area low.
Designed by industry leading reflector manufacturer Growlush and utilizing 95% reflectivity aluminium, these propagation lights provide even light distribution with specially manufactured reflectors that increase lumen output by up to several hundred percent compared to T5 batten lights with no reflectors or outdated, inefficient T8 shop lights. Because these lights feature cool running high output fluorescent lights, they can placed within centimetres of a plant to maximize light absorption and increase clone and seedling success rate without risking heat burn, as well as keep the temperature in the growing environment to a minimum. In addition to its propagation abilities, this light can also be hung sideways for use as supplemental lighting for more mature plants, making it even more versatile in the grow room.
These high quality fixtures are encased in a tough-as-nails, powder coated, steel housing with side vents to allow for cool operation, and the T5 fixture is backed by a 3 year warranty to give you peace of mind for many grows to come.
  • T5 Fitting 2x 24W = 48W with series port
  • Australian Electrical Safty Approval C-tick Number: N3499
  • International Safety Certificate RoHS & CE
  • Size: 600x210x65mm

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