House & Garden Hydro Starter Kit

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The House & Garden Starter Kit is a great way to get started with our award-winning nutrients! It includes our complete range of powerful base nutrients and stimulants to get you growing prize winning fruits or flowers!
The ultimate nutrient value pack! 
Available in Hydro, Coco, Soil or Aqua Flakes Starter Kits!
This kit includes all of the H&G favourites required for an outstanding crop, we have also included our 'Feed Charts' and some limited edition H&G promotional material. 
House & Garden Hydro A & B 
House & Garden Hydro Nutrient A&B is an absolute must-have for all professional gardeners. The smart composition of the various elements provides commercial farmers with optimal nourishment for their plants both in the growth and the flowering period.
House & Garden Base Nutrient Hydro A&B can be used with the following substrates:  Rockwool / Perlite / Clayballs either in recirculating, run to waste systems, Ebb & flow and aeroponics.
Great for rockwool cropbox and flood & drain tables.
House & Garden Hydro A&B Base Nutrient is composed of liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents.
House & Garden Hydro A&B is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market, including Eddha-Fe (iron) and optimised compounds of humic/fulvic acids. 
This enables the plant to absorb nutrients fast and effectively. So if you want the best for your plants, House&Garden Hydro A&B is an excellent solution and a great basis for a successful growth.
Included in the kit:
  • 2 x 1L A/B Base Nutrient (Hydro, Coco, Soil or Aqua Flakes)
  • 100ML Roots Excelurator
  • 250ML Multizyme
  • 250ml Nitrogen N27%
  • 250ML Bud-XL
  • 250ML Top Booster
  • 250ML Drip Clean
  • 100ML Amino Treatment
  • 2 Sachets of Shooting Powder
The total RRP of these products individually would exceed $300 - A fantastic bargain!

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