House & Garden Aqua Flakes Starter Kit

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The House & Garden Starter Kit is a great way to get started with our award-winning nutrients! It includes our complete range of powerful base nutrients and stimulants to get you growing prize winning fruits or flowers!
The ultimate nutrient value pack! 
Available in Hydro, Coco, Soil or Aqua Flakes Starter Kits!
This kit includes all of the H&G favourites required for an outstanding crop, we have also included our 'Feed Charts' and some limited edition H&G promotional material. 
House & Garden Aqua Flakes A & B
The complete base nutrient for expanded clay, rockwool and coco. House & Garden Aqua Flakes are made specifically for recirculating hydroponics systems. This liquid product’s unique composition expedites the transfer of nutrients from the root zone into the foliage. At the same time, each application provides plants with a perfectly balanced combination of nutrients for optimum production.
All House & Garden  products are extremely concentrated and have the lowest dilution rates available. All ingredients and additives are made with pharmaceutical and/ or food grade ingredients in small batches to ensure a consistent quality and experience. Contains no bulking agents or additional additives.
Included in the kit:
  • 2 x 1L A/B Base Nutrient (Hydro, Coco, Soil or Aqua Flakes)
  • 100ML Roots Excelurator
  • 250ML Multizyme
  • 250ml Nitrogen N27%
  • 250ML Bud-XL
  • 250ML Top Booster
  • 250ML Drip Clean
  • 100ML Amino Treatment
  • 2 Sachets of Shooting Powder


The Total Value of these Products if Purchased Individually would exceed $315 - A fantastic Bargain!

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