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Voodoo Juice® — The Invisible Powerhouse the Smartest Growers Leverage to Amplify Yield Size
What would you give to uncover the closely guarded secrets of the most experienced growers?
If you knew the information they had would multiply your yields AND your profit?
Well, you could seek out the advice of cup-winning growers, prodding their brains for their most prized tips or you can pay close attention to what we’re about to tell you and immediately maximize the ROI of your yields.
Because after more than two decades of studying hundreds of thousands of cannabis grows we reached a simple yet game-changing conclusion . . .
Bigger Roots Equal Bigger Fruits
And the smartest growers all prioritize what’s happening BENEATH the ground.
Because here’s the thing your root zone is one of the most overlooked ways to maximize the size of your yields simply because most of its power remains invisible to the naked eye!
Yet we’d challenge you to find any top grower who doesn’t invest heaps of money in the activity broiling beneath the surface.
In fact, a solid root expander is one of the first purchases cup-winning growers make because they help to increase nutrient availability to your plants creating the optimal conditions for heavy, potent, high-profit harvests.
The fact is bigger roots will get you bigger plants. Plain and simple.
And the single most effective way to build strong, explosive roots is to . . .
Deliver Beneficial Microbes to Your Root Zone
Now, if you’ve ever gazed at an eye-popping outdoor garden whose heavy, green yields spark even a tiny bit of envy inside your gut then you already know the huge role nature plays in increasing the size of your harvest.
And it’s because the soil contains millions of beneficial microbes, known as rhizobacteria which are like microscopic miracle-workers for your cannabis plants.
Not only do rhizobacteria increase lateral root branching and assist in the development of root hairs they also increase water and nutrient absorption.
And here’s the good news as a hydroponics grower, you can still maximize your yields by leveraging the enormous power of rhizobacteria.
And when you do you’re going to bask in the same sweet satisfaction those outdoor growers feel when they watch a vast canopy of buds spring to life and harden into dense, heavy, compound-rich flowers.
Now, before you speed off to your local hydro store for a bottle of rhizobacteria, keep in mind . . .
Bacterial Strains Are Worth Nothing If They Aren’t Active
And, while it may sound like a no brainer, too many companies sell you on bacteria that dies before it ever reaches your root zone simply because no one took the time to bottle them correctly.
And YOU end up suffering for THEIR shortcuts.
You end up wasting your hard-earned cash on a product with no return on investment.
But it doesn’t stop there, some companies will try and take the easy way out by bulk producing microbes, simply because it saves them money on production costs.
And some of the bacteria they select have no business in your root zone.
They’re not the right microbes for the cannabis you’re growing.
Even worse, a lot of these microbial additives bottle incompatible strains of bacteria together in an effort to hook you with an “all-in-one” solution.
Here’s the thing though . . .
Not ALL Microbes Can Survive in the Same Bottle!
In fact, housing incompatible microbes in the same bottle would be like throwing a penguin in a cage with a tiger.
One of them isn’t going to make it out alive.
And before they even reach the final bottle, some companies will throw ’em all in one vat and try to breed them together without understanding that sometimes a fungus and bacteria meet and form harmful hormones instead.
And when this happens, they often meet and create harmful hormones… Instead of doing an ounce of good for your plants.
Now, we don’t say this to scare you.
Because the reality is you CAN maximize ROI through rhizobacteria IF . . .
You Invest in Carefully Bred, Science-Backed Strains Chosen Specifically For Cannabis
And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you put Voodoo Juice® to work in your garden’s root zone.
Our flagship root master expander, Voodoo Juice has revolutionized thousands of grow rooms over the years providing hydroponic growers with the same jaw-dropping yields their grower friends have been bragging about for years.
And it’s because we . . .
  • Hire the sharpest microbiologists in the world who’ve pinpointed the most advanced bacterial strains MADE for your specific plants. They’re Bacillus subtilus, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus licheniformis, and Bacillus polymyxa . . . And they work together to colonize your root zone and increase yields!
  • Spare no expense in ensure each strain’s effectiveness in your root zone
  • Rely on best-in-class precision equipment to identify each strain’s most potent characteristics, creating super strains that quickly colonize the root zone for rapid results
Just to give you a taste of our commitment to increasing the strength, mass, and size of your yields.
In fact, one of the only companies in the industry with 10,000 liter purpose built reactors for producing our own strains of bacteria.
And once you deliver these microbes to your roots, you’ll. . .
Benefit from the No. 1 Additive Top Growers Use to Expand Roots and Amplify Yield Size
An additive that’s proven so effective we’ve ramped up production tenfold just to keep it on store shelves.
Here are just some of the countless benefits you’ll get when use Voodoo Juice . . .
  • Increase surface area of root zone for improved nutrient and water availability — hands down the most efficient way to get bigger yields
  • Fix atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available ammonia, stopping nitrogen deficiencies in their tracks!
  • Turn inorganic phosphate into soluble nutrients your plants can absorb
  • Support the mycorrhizal and rhizobial symbiosis with plant roots, developing the massive, strong, and vibrant root zone behind every cup-winning garden
  • Improve your garden’s tolerance to abiotic stressors, helping plants build resilience to environmental challenges
Imagine walking into your grow room and being greeted by a lush, towering crop of huge, potent yields that rival the size of outdoor gardens, simply because you maximized the potential of your root zone.
Because you laid the right foundation.
The bottom line is this, more growers win cannabis cups WITH root expanders than without.
And Voodoo Juice is the most scientifically advanced root mass expander on the market.
We recommend you apply Voodoo Juice during weeks 1-2 of BOTH your grow and bloom phase.
Don’t wait to put this microbial additive to work in your garden.

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