Spider Farmer SE4500 430W LED Grow Light

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Why Choose SE Series?
• Samsung LM301B Diodes: High efficacy of up to 2.9umol/J.
• Led Bar Design: Provides full & even canopy/PPFD distribution; Also good for heat dissipation, and can hang close to the plants. Perfect for vertical/commercial growing.
• Dimming Daisy Chain: Connect up to several lights together, easy to control. Convenience for commercial growth.
• Certificate: With CE, ETL, DLC certificate
• SE3000 & SE4500 & SE5000: Full spectrum, suit for all growth stages. Especially for Seedlings & Veg.
• SE7000 & SE1000W: Dimmable Horticulture Commercial Grow Lighting, can work with CO2, perfect for commercial growth, also suit for vertical growing.
• Model: SE4500 430W LED Grow Light
• LED: 1484pcs
• Spectrum: 660nm,3200-4200K,4800-5000K
• PPF Value: 1203umol@240V;  1200umol@270V
• Coverage: Core Coverage: 2FT*4FT (70x120cm)       Max Coverage: 3FT*5FT (900x150cm)
• Power Draw: 430W±5%@AC120-277V
• Light Size: 115.1cm X 58cm X 8.7cm
• Gross Weight: 6.9KG
• Input Voltage: AC100-277V
• Amp: 3.499A@AC120V; 1.727A@AC240V; 1.501A@AC277V
• Frequency: 50-60HZ
HIGH EFFICACY & UNIFORM LIGHTING: SE4500 430W LED grow light designed with 4 LED bars to provide more even canopy coverage, especially to the outer edges of cultivation areas. With SAMSUNG LM301B diodes, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.8 umol/J. For 70x140cm Grow Tent, 4-Inch Inline Fan.
DIMMABLE FULL SPECTRUM: Full spectrum (660-665nm,2800–3200K,4800-5000K) is perfect for veg to bloom, to adapt to each phase of the plant growth cycle. The dimming knob is ideal for growers to adjust the light intensity according to different growing stages.
PASSIVELY COOLED & DETACHABLE POWER SUPPLY: Bar light design and aluminum material on the back contribute to better airflow and great heat dissipation. SE4500 plant growing light comes with a detachable driver and an extension cord, to remove heat from your grow space. With the waterproof circuit board, worry-free of the moist environment. Easy installation.
DIMMING DAISY CHAIN: The daisy chain function allows you to connect up to 30 spider farmer led grow lights – dimming multiple lights simultaneously. Widely applied in commercial growing (horizontal and vertical), home growing (grow box and tents), and hydroponics.
Spider Farmer SE4500 430W LED Grow LightSE4500-PPFD MAPSpectrum ratio-SE4500Dimming Daisy Chain-SE4500Waterproof SE4500SE4500-CoverageSE4500-Samsung LM301B diodes
SE4500-Removable DriverSE4500-Growing ROOM

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