Professor's Nutrients Hydro Clay 50L

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Professor’s Nutrients Hydro Clay is made from 100% natural Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA). Formed into small balls, they have a uniform round shape and are 8-16mm in size, and are lightweight and porous, which increases aeration and helps to promote root growth for plants.
• Effective against Fungal Gnats
• Increases Aeration
• Provides Reliable Drainage
• Retains Moisture
• pH-Neutral
• Lightweight
• Environmentally Friendly
• High Porosity for increased oxygenation
• Zero Nutrient Value
• Versatile – use on its own or blend with other substrates
Hydro Clay (LECA) ………………………..…….. 100%
Physical Properties:
• Bulk density: 260-650kgs/m3
• Cumulative porosity percentage: >36%
• Specific surface area: 2-5 X 104cm 2/g
• Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: <3.3%
• Friction loss rate: <2.2%
• Loss on ignition: <0.15%
• Rinse Hydro Clay pebbles to remove excess dirt and debris.
• Fill the plant container with clay pebbles.
• Fill the reservoir with a nutrient enriched solution following the product’s specifications
• Ideally used in Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Deep water Culture, Drip Feed System or to be added on top of soil to protect your indoor plants

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