Potami Water Pump P3000 3000l/hr

Sale price$95.00


These submersible, compact and powerful water pumps have been specifically designed to deliver robust performance in both fresh and salt-water tanks and applications.
Wear resistant shaft and rotor assembly provides years of reliable performance in all applications.
Designed to deliver robust performance with minimal power consumption and a low suction point.
Easy to install and compact in size. Perfect for a range of system types and sizes. 
The suction cup feet provide secure mounting for convenient placement in any water tank.
Potami Water Pump P3000
  • Model P3000
  • Voltage 220-240v
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Power 60 watts
  • Output 3000L/hr
  • Max Head Height 2.5mtr
  • Threaded Outlet 25mm
  • Durable Ceramic Shaft
  • Includes 17mm/19mm Fitting
  • Includes 25mm Fitting

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