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A natural fertiliser designed to give your plants excellent health during their growth phase by supporting strong cell structure and promoting abundant root systems.
Enhance your plant's growth
• Strengthen cellular structure
By building and advancing the cellular structure the plant will have a stronger foundation to maximise photosynthesis, naturaly increasing growth and health of the plant.
• Boost your roots
Formulated to create enhanced root systems that increase the plants ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. Better roots means better nutrient uptake.
Discourage pests
• Having a healthier and stronger plant will naturally build a better defence towards pests and the damage they can cause.
• Fit to your garden size
Every garden is different, so we've produced our additives in various sizes to suit all growers needs.
If you have plants in their growing phase, this is for you
Medigrow is a highly concentrated all-in-one growth additive, made from A-grade compounds, including nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, humic acid, fulvic acid, and amino acids.
This formula is specifically designed to prevent and treat deficiencies during the growth phase resulting with a healthier, stronger and more vigorous plant it will naturally build a better defence system towards  harmful diseases and deter pests from the roots zone.
Compatible with all base nutrients, this is designed to be used on indoor or outdoor plants.
Apply from the early stages of growth once the plant established roots to maximise healthy growth.
On a mission to simplify feeding your plants
Medibud and Medigrow began when we decided we wanted something that was different. We wanted a simpler way to give our plants everything they needed without cluttering up our space with bottles of additives.
And so, we took our combined 60 years of experience and teamed up with a local company who specialises in creating high quality fertalisers to design the two Medi products—two easy to use additives made to help your plants thrive.

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