Hydro Axis 125mm Axial Fan

Sale price$65.00


Axial Ball Bearing Fan
Perfect for boosting air flow in long runs of ducting.  These energy efficient Inline fans are very quiet, lightweight and easy to install. 
Ideal for Indoor Air Quality, Fresh Air Injection, Building Pressurization: Buildings which are highly insulated and tightly sealed may require mechanical introduction of fresh air for proper ventilation and pressurization.
Completely wired with junction box, strain relief and 6 foot power cord.  All Inline Fans are fluted on both ends to easily accept ducting.
• Power Usage - 22W
• Voltage - 230 - 240V
• Frequency - 50Hz
• RPM - 2450
• Air Flow - 116CFM / 197m³/h
• Pressure - 0.0075Psi / 52Pa

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