Holman Techline PC AS Dripperline 13mm x 30m

Sale price$49.50


Holman Dripscape PC is a subsurface 13mm Drip Line Irrigation System Tube used to supply precise amounts of water to lawn and garden areas. The water is supplied via pressure compensating drippers within the tube, spaced every 300mm, and are installed at the time of the tube's manufacture so they are permanently inside the tube and do not require extra nozzles.
Each dripper is pressure compensating, to allow for fluctuating water pressures, and no drain features which allows the water to stay within the tube to avoid blockages when the pressure is turned off. It can be installed on the soil surface or covered with mulch to irrigate garden areas, but is best suited to sub-surface installations.
  • Pressure compensating drippers
  • Use standard 13mm poly fittings
  • Drippers spaced every 300mm
  • Maximum run length 50 metres
  • 3.0 L/ph drippers

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