Hi-Par CMH-DE 630W Grow Lamp

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Experience High-Performance Horticulture with the HI-PAR CMH-DE Grow Lamp
Enhance your indoor gardening experience with the ultimate combination of powerful lighting and energy efficiency using the 630W HI-PAR CMH-DE Grow Lamp. With two 315W arc tubes in a single double-ended ceramic metal halide lamp, your plants will receive optimal coverage, colour spectrum, and luminosity for vigorous growth and abundant blooms.
Features and Benefits:
• High-quality components: Built with premium components to ensure durability and superior performance.
• Double-ended design: Features two 315W arc tubes for better coverage, spectrum and light quality.
• Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube: Maximises light output and spectral quality for healthier plants.
• Colour Rendering Index (CRI): Over 90% CRI for accurate colour perception and more natural plant growth.
• 3000K Colour Spectrum: Perfect for vegetative growth and floral blooms, ensuring your plants receive the ideal light range for their growth stages.
How to Use:
• Ensure compatibility with your existing 630W CMH ballast, or pair with the recommended HI-PAR 630W ballast and Dynamic DE Reflector for guaranteed best performance.
• Mount lamp securely, using the double-ended design to fit in your lighting setup.
• Place the lamp at an appropriate distance from your plants to provide optimal coverage and avoid overexposure
• Monitor and adjust your lighting schedule, ensuring lighting conditions are optimal for the specific growth stages of your plants.
This grow lamp is perfect for horticulture enthusiasts, hobbyists, and commercial growers with indoor gardens including tents, grow rooms, and glasshouses. The lamp's high-quality components, excellent CRI, and ideal colour spectrum make it especially suitable for plants requiring precise lighting conditions during their growth stages. From boosting essential oil production to encouraging vigorous vegetative growth and bountiful blooms, the HI-PAR CMH-DE Grow Lamp is an excellent addition to your garden.

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