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Marijuana Harvest is the first book devoted entirely to cannabis harvesting. In it, Ed Rosenthal and David Downs explain how to ensure the perfect harvest--everything from recognizing when it's time to pick, to storage techniques to keep your buds fresh.
Marijuana Harvest is the most important cultivation tool of the season. Readers will learn:
• Flushing: How and when to flush
• Ripening: The best time to pick
• Manicuring and processing: How to speed it up with new tools for both hand and machine trimming
• Drying and curing: How to avoid mildew and mold contamination
• Storing: How to keep your buds fresh and potent
Whether you are a hobby gardener or commercial farmer, Marijuana Harvest shows you how to maximize the yield and quality of your garden, identify problems and avoid costly mistakes. The book's stunning, full-color photographs and illustrations make it an attractive guide to the steps needed to harvest, dry, trim, cure and store top-quality buds.
Internationally recognized as the number one cultivation author, Ed Rosenthal, along with renowned journalist David Downs, thoroughly researched this book, visiting personal gardens and commercial farms to observe techniques used as well as experimental methods under development. Winners of prestigious cannabis cups are interviewed and share their tips and advice. Content includes time-, labor-, and energy-saving tools and equipment: trimmers, climate controls, drying methods, storage systems, workflow charts and much more--everything a grower needs to know to do it right.
Cut through the clutter of online forums and anecdotal advice to find out how to grow and harvest top-shelf buds, both indoors and out, for use as dried flowers, extracts and edibles. For the casual consumer there are tips on how to choose the best-grown and best-tasting buds available. Marijuana Harvest is an accessible and informative look at harvest methods for all marijuana users and growers.

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