Flirmask Foil 1mtr Width

Size: 1m
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Flirmask can be used as: Anti-detection foil – protecting locations and / or field equipment with high infrared signal from forward looking infrared (FLIR) detection devices, and as a heat shielding material – protecting components, equipment, structures or buildings from radiated heat transfer. It can also be used as a hydroponic grow foil & reflective sheeting–improving crop yield and significantly reducing energy leakage thus ensuring significant savings in energy efficiency. It can be cleaned without losing its reflectivity and it is fireproof with a melting point of up to 650?C to protect any unwanted hazards in your grow room.


  • 1mtr Width x 30mtr Roll (or sold by the metre)

  • 100% FLIR infrared Signature Removal

  • 100% Light Insulating

  • Flame and Fire Retardant

  • Extremely Durable & won't tear


FLIRmask is manufactured in the UK using state-of-the art custom built machinery, and is the thinnest, most effective heat shielding, anti-detection foil on the market. 

FLIRmasks consists of an outer aluminium foil layer which maintains a highly reflective finish. 
The inner layer is of woven E-glass fibre, which is a silicon high temperature resin capable of providing significant thermal insulation from radiant heat sources. 

Aluminium is both a good conductor of heat and light energy, and an exceptional heat sink, FLIRmask uses its innovative dual sided design to utilise this double function, allowing the material to deflect a large proportion of the radiated heat from an object away from a protected surface and back into the ambient environment. 

This allows FLIRmask to manage radiation in three ways: If FLIRmask is being used as a heat shielding material, so as a means of protecting components, equipment, structures or buildings from radiated heat transfer, the aluminium layer deflects the radiated heat away from the protected object and the insulated woven E-glass layer protects the object from damage from the deflected heat. 

The same reflective and thermal capturing properties make FLIRmask an excellent hydroponic grow film, ensuring that the maximum amount of light is reflected back towards the crop, thus improving crop yield, and completely eradicating thermal leakage into the surrounding air, improving the energy efficiency of a growing operation significantly.  

FLIRmask provides 100% FLIR infrared signature removal, is 100% light insulating, is unmatched by competitors in the levels of thermal insulation and the low heat transfer dynamics that it offers, and is also flame and fire retardant.


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