BioGuano Liquid Organic Nitrogen 1L

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BioGuano Nitrogen Formula is a blend of Seabird Guano, Organic Nitrogen (derived from Amino Acids), complexed with Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Fulvic Acid.
Mother Nature Grows Best
BigGuano is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, grown in soil, premium potting mix, coconut coi or hydroponic systems. Multiple uses as a high Nitrogen, low Phosphorous organic fertilizer, and as a natural soil conditioner and soil microbe feeder.
Directions for use:
Settling may occur in transit. Shake bottle well prior to use.
Mix with fresh water at the following rates:
Foliar Sprays & Native Plants - 1.5ml/L
Vegies/Flowers/Herbs/Annuals - 3ml/L
New Lawns - 3ml/L
Established Lawns & Large Trees - 5ml/L
Apply weekly or as required.
Typical Analysis:
  % w/v
Nitrogen 5.70
Phosphorus 0.86
Potassium 2.45
Sulphur 1.90
Calcium 1.95
Magnesium 0.81
Organic Carbon 15.8
Sodium 0.50
   ppm w/v
Silicon 305
Iron 453
Manganese 45.7
Zinc 3.69
Boron 57.7
Copper 1.43
Cobalt 0.10
Molybdenum 0.36

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