Bato Bucket Set

Option: Bato Bucket 1 Pot Lid Set
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Bato buckets, or “Dutch buckets,” are a variation of the media bed technique that consists of a series of small media beds (in buckets). The buckets are typically arranged in a simple row or two with one irrigation line and one drainage line for each row. This design makes Bato buckets one of the simplest techniques.
Note: The plumbing for a Bato system is simple, but does vary some depending on the grower and their needs.
Like most media beds, Bato buckets can be used in both hydroponics and aquaponics (although hydroponics is easier and more popular). The technique has been widely adopted in areas with non-arable land, or where conventional or sustainable field agriculture is not appropriate, and offers several benefits to gardeners and farmers.
- 230mm x 250mm x 300mm
- 11L
Bato Bucket 1 Pot Lid Set includes:
• Bato Bucket
• Lid
• 1 Mesh Pot
Bato Bucket 4 Pot Lid Set includes:
• Bato Bucket
• Lid
• 4 Mesh Pots

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