Professor's Nutrients Original A & B

Size: 1L
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Grow and Bloom
The Professor’s Original Nutrient offers a complete solution for both the Grow and Bloom cycles without the need to buy separate Grow and Bloom formulations.
The unique formula is made with quality chelated elements, enabling plants to process them efficiently and ensuring great results in all stages of plant growth.
Made under strict quality controls using only the highest grade minerals and trace elements, guaranteeing the highest possible quality and nutrient absorption.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
Suitable for Rockwool, Perlite, Vermiculite, Expanded Clay, Coco Fibre and Soil.
Hydroponics : Fill reservoir with water, then add Professor’s Original Part A at a rate required to achieve the EC reading provided on the feed chart, then add Professor’s Original Part B at the same rate.  The amounts of Part A and Part B required each week will change, this will depend on what other products are being add and what EC values you are trying to achieve.
After reaching your goal EC, Adjust pH between 5.5 – 6.4.
For optimum results change reservoir weekly.
Outdoor : For outdoor plants apply at half strength.
Seedlings : For seedlings and cuttings apply at quarter strength or ideally us the Professor’s Starter Soak.
Foliar :  Lightly mist your foliage at a rate of no more than 2ml of Part A and 2ml of Part B per 1L of water.  Apply once to twice weekly

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