Professor's Nutrients Grow Fast

Size: 1L
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Professor's Nutrients Grow Fast
GROW FAST – Vegetative Booster
The Professor’s Grow Fast is a dynamic growth enhancer designed to shorten the vegetative cycle by accelerating plant growth.
Grow Fast gives the extra boost required to produce a stronger and bulkier plant mass, while simultaneously strengthening and preparing plants for the flowering stage.
• Shorten Vegetative Cycle
• Faster Plant Growth
• Stronger and Bulker plant mass
• Preparing plants for the Flowering Stage
Grow Fast should only be used from the 2nd week in the vegetative stage until the start of Flower.
Do not use in the Flower Stage.
Hydroponics : Use 2.5ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.
Soil : Use 2ml Grow Fast per 1L of nutrient solution.

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