Pyrex Vacuum Chamber Kit 2.2L

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Pyrex 2Ltr Vacuum Kit
This Kit Includes:
• (1) Soda lime triple tempered glass bowl
• (1) Industrial Grade Neoprene Gasket
• (1) Glycerin filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival)
- Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level
• (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold
- Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve
• (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum hose
• (1) 5ft clear steel reinforced vacuum hose
• (1) 8”x8” Platinum cured silicone non stick Vac Pad
• (1) 50 Micron air filter
Vacuum Pump Sold Separately

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