Professor's Nutrients Flower Boost

Size: 1L
Sale price$27.50


Professor's Nutrients Flower Boost – PK Enhancer
The Professor’s Flower Boost is a high grade, concentrated PK – (Phosphorus/Potassium) liquid flower enhancer.  Scientifically formulated to initiate early flowering and node development, Flower Boost provides plants with the perfect ratio of PK to produce a large, high quality yield.
• Boosts Early Blooms and Bigger Yields
• Activates Flowering Enzyme production
• Provides perfect ratios of P and K to boost flower development
• Faster flower growth and bud onset
• Larger Heavier Blooms of a higher quality
• Aids in energy transfer and storage of carbohydrates
To achieve maximum yield, Flower Boost should be replaced with Extreme Boost in the final 3 weeks.
Hydroponics : Use 2ml Flower Boost per 1L of nutrient solution.
Soil : Use 1.5ml Flower Boost per 1L of nutrient solution.

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