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1000w MH/HPS
250w MH/HPS
315w LEC/CMH
400w MH/HPS
600w MH/HPS
Adapters & Extension Cords
Advanced Nutrients
Advanced Nutrients
Air Pumps
Air Stones/Accessories
Auto Pots
Autopot Fittings
Back Draught Shutters
Barbed Crosses
Barbed Elbows
Barbed End Plugs
Barbed Joiners/Inline Filters
Barbed Tees
Better Air Environment
Big Bio Soil Superfood
Big Bio Soil Superfood
Bio Bizz
Bio Bizz
Bio Diesel
Bio Diesel
Blauberg Fan
Bud Wise
Cable Ties
California lightworks
Canadian Xpress
Centrifugal Fans
Centurion Trimmers
CFL Kits
CMH 315w & 630w Digital Light Kits
CO2 Enrichment
Collar Joiners
Computer Fans
Curing & Storage
Current Culture
Current Culture
Digital & Mechanical Timers
Digital Ballasts
Drying Racks
Duct Connectors
Ducting & Attachments
DWC Current Culture H20
DWC Systems
Environmental Control
Essential Oil Extraction
Eye Protection
Fabric Transplanter Pots
Fan, Filter & Silencer Set
Fans, Filters & Silencers
Feeder Rings
Fire Ball / Flame Defender
Floraltec Cure
Fluorescent Light Kits
Full Bud & Add Bud
G Pot System
Gardis Pro
Gavita Master Controller
General Hydroponics
General Hydroponics
Geopot Fabric Pots
GH Seed Co. Powder Feeding
GH Seed Co. Powder Feeding
Glass/steel Extraction Tubes
Gloves & Grow Room Glasses
Great White
Greenroots Fabric Pots
GRO Cell Zelt
Grommet Top Hat
Grow Candy
Grow Media
Grow Saber
Grow Tent Accessories
Grow Tents & Grow Rooms
Growrite & Budrite
Growth Technology
Heat Mats/ Heat Trays
Hose & Tubing
Hose Clamps
House & Garden
House & Garden
Humidity Regulator
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Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%
Jungle Room
Jupiter Light Movers
Kind LED
LED Grow Lights
Light Kits Digital MH/HPS
Light Kits Magnetic MH/HPS
Light Management Units
Light/Fixture Hangers
Magical Butter Machine
Magnetic Ballasts
Manual/Electric Trimmers
Material Processing Equipment
Mesh Pots
Mojocow PS1 Fluorescent Light System
Mountain Air
Nature's Own
Nature's Own
NFT Systems
Nutrifield NF Pro Pot Systems
Odourless Storage Bags
OGS Organic Gardening Solutions
OGS Organic Gardening Solutions
Ozi Magic
Pest & Disease Control
pH & EC Testers/Calibration
Phresh Hyper Fan
Plant Ties & Mesh
Plumbing & Fittings
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Pot Sets
Pot Stakes
Pots & Flower Buckets
Pots, Tubs & Reservoirs
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Secret Jardin
Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot
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Smart Garden
Solar Water Pumps with Panels
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Square Fittings
Starting Collars
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Submersible Water Heaters
Super Si
The Professor's
The Professor's
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Trimming Scissors/Scalpels
TrimPro Trimmers
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Tubular Heaters
Valves, In Line Taps, Bottle Taps
Vertical Wall Garden
Wall, Floor & Clip Fans
Water Chillers
Water Pumps
Water Pumps/Heaters/Chillers
Y Joiners


016 Stabilised Oxygen 1Ltr
016 Stabilized Oxygen 5Ltr
Add Bud
Adjust A Wing Avenger Large Silver
Adjust A Wing Avenger Medium Silver
Adjust A Wing Defender
Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic
Advanced Nutrients B52
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco Formula
Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy
Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X
Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor
Advanced Nutrients CarboLoad
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Pair Bloom
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Pair Bloom Coco Formula
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Pair Grow
Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Pair Grow Coco Formula
Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish
Advanced Nutrients Golden Goddess
Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush
Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Bloom
Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Grow
Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Micro
Advanced Nutrients Piranha
Advanced Nutrients Revive
Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A & B 1 Ltr Pair
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Pair Coco Formula
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Cal Mag Xtra
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow A & B 1 Ltr Pair
Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Pair Coco Formula
Advanced Nutrients Sensizym
Advanced Nutrients Tarantula
Air Pump Clear Tubing Per metre
Aluminium Reinforced Foil Adhesive Tape PPC
Aluminium Reinforced Foil Adhesive Tape Stylus
Aluminum Duct Reducer Joiner
Anti Spiral Pots
Apex Valves Compact Float Valve 3/4"
Aqua Manta TH200 Titanium Water Heater 200 Watt
Aqua One Air Stone
Aqua One Air Stone Disc Large 11.5cm x 11.5cm
Aqua One Airstone Ball (2 inch) 50mm
Aqua One Ceramic Airstone 30mm x 130mm
Aqua One Ceramic Airstone Ball 50mm
Aqua One Check Valve (Non Return Valve)
Aqua One External Thermometer
Aqua One Flexible Air Stone
Aqua One Gang Valves
Aqua One Glass Thermometer
Aqua One Infinity Air Pumps
Aqua One Precision 12000 4 Outlet Air Pump
Aqua One Quartz Glass Submersible Water Heater
Aqua One Stainless Steel Submersible Water Heater
Aqua One Twin Stellar Air Pump 380D
Aqua One Water Pump Maxi
Aqua Tank
AquaPro Ceramic Airstone 80mm x 30mm
AquaPro Solar Pumps with Solar Panel Kits
Arcadia Extraction Tube
ARS Fruits Pruner
AutoPot 13mm Elbow
AutoPot 13mm Tee
AutoPot 13mm to 4mm Cross
AutoPot 2 x 250mm Starter Pack
AutoPot 4mm Filter
AutoPot 4mm Inline Valve
Autopot 6in Pots x 4 for Window Box
AutoPot Hydroponics Made Easy
AutoPot Mulch Mat
AutoPot Reservoir 35 Ltr
AutoPot Root Control Mat
AutoPot Single/Dual Module HydroTray
Autopot Smart Dripper Complete
AutoPot Smart Valve
Autopot Wicks x 2 for Smart Drippers
Autopot Window Box 4 Pot Module
Autopot Window Box Pair Hook on Rail Brackets
Autopot Window Box Pair Screw on Wall Brackets
Autopot Window Box Shell Only
Avert Odourless Duffle Bag 95Ltr
Avert Odourless Pocket Bag
Avert Odourless Travel Bag
Back Draught Shutters
Ballast Extensions
Barbed BSPT Thread Elbows
Barbed Crosses
Barbed Elbows
Barbed End Plugs
Barbed Joiners
Barbed Reducing Elbows
Barbed Reducing Joiners
Barbed Reducing Tees
Barbed Tees
Best Value Vacs 12 inch/2oz Closed Column Extraction System
Best Value Vacs Pyrex 2Ltr Vacuum Chamber Kit
Best Value Vacs S/Steel Extraction Tube 12inch/2oz
Best Value Vacs S/Steel Extraction Tube 6inch/1oz
Best Value Vacs Vacuum Pump 3cfm
Best Value Vacs Vacuum Pump and Pyrex Vacuum Chamber Kit
Beyond Buds by Ed Rosenthal
Big Bio Soil Superfood Worm Castings Fertiliser
Big Bio Soil Superfood Worm Juice Concentrate 1Ltr
Big Book of Buds by Ed Rosenthal
Bio Bizz Acti Vera
Bio Bizz Algamic
Bio Bizz Bio Heaven
Bio Bizz Fish Mix Grow 1Ltr
Bio Bizz Root Juice
Bio Bizz Starters Pack
Bio Bizz Top Max
Bio Bizz TryPacks
Bio Canna Bio Boost 1 Ltr
Bio Diesel 1 Ltr Complete Promo Pack
Bio Diesel Aloevate
Bio Diesel Bloom Booster
Bio Diesel Green Diamond Nutrient A & B Pair
Bio Diesel Marine CAMG+
Bio Diesel Rhino K
Black 4 Piece Herb Grinder 60mm with Handle
Black Ducting
Black Plastic Reservoirs
Black PVC Coated Ducting Silver Inside
Blauberg Centro G Series Centrifugal Fans
Bloom Cal 1 Ltr
Bloom Final 1 Ltr
Bloom Final 2.5Ltr
Bloom Groigen Foliar Spray 1 Ltr
Bloom Ooze 1 ltr
Bloom Phat 1 Ltr
Bloom Pre 1 ltr
Bloom Roots 1 ltr
Bloom Seafuel 1 Ltr
Bloom Silica 1 Ltr
Bloom Ultra 1 Ltr
Bluelab Combo Meter
Bluelab Conductivity Pen
Bluelab Connect Range Extender
Bluelab Connect Stick
Bluelab Guardian Monitor
Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect
Bluelab Pen Grower's Toolbox
Bluelab Peridoser
Bluelab PH Controller
Bluelab PH Controller (Connect)
Bluelab PH Meter
Bluelab pH Pen
Bluelab Pro Controller Connect
Bluelab Probe Care Kits
Bluelab Replacement pH Probe
Bluelab Replacement Soil PH Probe
Bluelab Soil PH Meter
Bluelab Truncheon
Bokashi One Mix 1Kg
Brass Line Taps
Bud Wise
Buddys Folding Scissors
Budlink Silica
Budrite A & B Pair
Buffer Powder pH 4.01
Buffer Powder pH 6.86
Buffer Powder pH 9.18
Bug Nets
Bulldog 4 Piece Metal Grinder 50mm
Cable Ties
Calcium 500g Green House Seed Co Powder Feeding
California Lightworks Solar System LED
California Lightworks Solar System LED Controller
CAN 1000 Filter and Can RK200s Fan 200mm
CAN 75 classic Filter and Can Max Fan Pro 315mm
Can Classic 75 Filter, Can Fan RS315mm/12" Kit
CAN Classic Filters
Can Fan - Centrifugal Fan - Max Fan Pro Series
CAN Fan - Centrifugal Fan - RK Series
CAN Fan - Centrifugal Fan - RS Series
Can Fan Q Max AC Silenced 3 Speed Fan
Can Fan Q Max EC Digital Silenced Motor Fan
Can Fan RK125 & GT425 Poly Filter 5
CAN GT425 Steel Filter & RS150 Fan
Can GT600 Filter, 150mm Hyper Fan & Solid Silencer Kit
Can GT600 Filter, Max Fan Pro 150, Solid Silencer Combo
Can GT600 Filter, RS150 Fan, Flex Silencer Kit
Can Iso Max 250mm, Can Lite 1900 Filter Kit
CAN IsoMax Fan/Silencers
Can Lite 1900 Filter 10" 250mm, RS250 Fan, 250mm Solid Silencer Kit
Can Lite 3000 Filter & Max Fan 355mm/14"
CAN Lite Filters
CAN Lite GT Steel Filters
CAN Lite Poly Filters
Can Max Fan 250mm/10 inch Can Lite Filter & Silencer Kit
Can Max Fan 250mm/10 inch Can Lite Filter Kit
Can Max Fan Pro Series 400 Fan & CAN3500 Filter Kit
CAN Max Fans
Can RK100 Fan & GT300 Poly Filter 100mm/4inch
Can-a-Wipes 10 inch x 12 inch Pk 30
Can-Filter Metal Flanges
Can-Filter Poly Flanges
Can-Filter Reducing Collar
Can-Filter Silencer Flanges
CAN-Filters Silencers
Canadian Express Mighty Growth Enhancer 1 ltr
Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles 45ltr
Canna Aqua Flores A & B Pair
Canna Aqua Vega A & B Pair
Canna Bio Flores 1 Ltr
Canna Bio Vega & Bio Flores 1 Ltr Pair
Canna Bio Vega 1 Ltr
Canna Boost Accelerator
Canna Cannazym
Canna Classic Flores A & B Pair
Canna Classic Vega A & B Pair
Canna Coco A & B Pair
Canna Coco Professional Plus 40Ltr Cube
Canna Coco Professional Plus 50ltr
Canna Pack, Rhizotonic, Cannazym, Cannaboost, PK13/14 x 250ml ea
Canna Pen - Free with any purchase
Canna PK 13/14
Canna Rhizotonic
Canna Spanner
Canna Taps
Canna Terra Flores 1Ltr
Canna Terra Professional 50L
Canna Terra Vega 1 Ltr
CBD Made Easy Book
Centurion Pro Gladiator Trimmer
Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer
Centurion Pro Original Trimmer
Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimmer
CFL Kit with 80 Watt Powerplant Lamp
Chef's Aid Kitchen Scales
Chef's Aid Vac Fresh Vacuum Bags (50pk)
Chef's Aid Vac Fresh Vacuum Sealer
Citro Fresh 750ml
Clear Vinyl Tube Hose 4mm
Climate Controller with Light Detector
Clone Collars 24 Pack
Clone Collars Assorted Colours 12 Pack
Clonex Clone Solution 250ml
Cloth Tape H/Duty Black 48mm (2 inch)
Cloud Cave Silicone Mat
CO2 Regulator with Solenoid
Compact Float Valve 1/2inch/13mm
Cool Cell Reflector White 600 x 540
Cool Vent Reflector 150mm
Crop Guard Bud Buddy BR 250ml
Crystal Catcher Kit
Cultiv8 120mm Computer Fan
Cultiv8 150mm Computer Fan
Cultiv8 600 Watt Digital Ballast
Cultiv8 600 Watt Digital Ballast & Philips Lamp
Cultiv8 600 watt Digital Ballast & Sunmaster Lamp
Cultiv8 600 Watt Digital Ballast and Lamp
Cultiv8 600 Watt HPS Digital Light Kit
Cultiv8 CFL 75 watt Propagation Lamp
Cultiv8 CFL Propagation Light Kit
Cultiv8 Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
Cultiv8 Inline Axial Fans
Cultiv8 MH1000 Lamp
Cup Hooks 3.7 x 50mm 3 Pack
Current Culture Aqua Pore Air Diffuser
Current Culture Bloom A & B Nutrient Pair
Current Culture Bud Booster Early Bloom
Current Culture Bud Booster Mid Bloom
Current Culture Bulkheads
Current Culture Solo UC35 Lid Set
Current Culture Solo UC35 Lid Set
Current Culture UC Roots
Current Culture Under Current Solo Pro UC35 System
Current Culture Under Current Solo UC13
Current Culture Under Current XL Systems
Current Culture Veg A & B Nutrient Pair
Cyco Cyclone Cloning Gel
Cyco Kleanse 1Ltr
Cyco Platinum B1 Boost
Cyco Platinum Bloom A & B Pair
Cyco Platinum Dr Repair
Cyco Platinum Flower A, B or C
Cyco Platinum Grow A & B Pair
Cyco Platinum Potash
Cyco Platinum Ryzofuel
Cyco Platinum Series Pro Kits
Cyco Platinum Silica
Cyco Platinum Suga Rush
Cyco Platinum Supa Stiky
Cyco Platinum Swell
Cyco Platinum Uptake
Cyco Platinum Zyme
Cyco Recovery Kit
Cyco XL 100ml
Dead Red
Deep Bowl Round Shade Reflectors
Defuse - Nutrient Conditioner
Diamond Foil 1.2m Wide Roll
Digimax HPS 1000 Watt Lamp
Digimax Lamp HPS 600 watt Globe
Digital Lux Meter
Digital pH Meter
Digital Pocket Scales 100g/0.01g
Double Adapters
Double Sided Tape 18mm x 10m
Drip Feeder 4mm 6 Pack
Drum Tap for 25 Ltr Growhard Bottles
Drum Tap Threaded
Duct Galvanized Collar Joiners
Duct Galvanized Elbows
Duct Poly Joiners
Duct Poly Y Joiners
Duct Reducing Poly Joiners
Duct Reducing Poly Y Joiners
Duct Y Joiner Galvanized 150x100x100mm
Duralistics Flood & Drain Trays Black/White
DWC Oxypot Pot Kits
Easy As Organic Water Only Soil 25Ltr Bag
Eazy Plug Cube Trays and Eazy Blocks
Eco Garden 360° Spray Bottle 1Ltr
Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball
EP 4 Pole Inline Fans
EP EziPlug Ezi Plug 2400 Watt Timer LMU
EP EziPlug LMU 12 Outlet + 4 Live
EP EziPlug LMU 8 Outlet 8000 Watt
EP Infrared Thermometer
EP LMU 6 Outlet 7200 Watt
EP Manual Trimmer 15 inch
EP Timer Box LMU 24 Outlet 80 Amp with Soft Start 12on 12off
Ep Whisper Silencer Fan and Filter Kit 250mm
Eutech Instruments Eco Testr pH Meter
Evaporative Cooler Unit
Extension Cords 10 Amp
Ezi Air Inline Axial Fans
Ezi Root 50ml Rooting Gel
Ezi Trim Automatic Super Trimmer
Ezi Trim Leaf Trimmer
Ezi Trim Leaf Trimmer Spare Catchment Net Only
Fabric Transplanter Pots
Face Mask with Valve & Carbon Filter 10 Pack
Fan Adaptable White Reflector
Feeder Rings with 4mm Drippers
Feeder Rings with 6mm Drippers
Filtaroo 250mm x 800mm Filter, RS250 Can Fan/Silencer 250mm
Filtaroo Carbon Filters
Fiskars Micro Tip Blade Pruners
Fiskars Total Control Scissors
Flairform Green Dream Bloom 5Ltr
Flairform Green Dream Grow 5Ltr
Flairform pH Test Kit
Flairform Pythoff - Nutrient Conditioner
Flairform Silika Majic
Flame Defender - Automatic Extinguisher
Flange for Computer Fan Metal 100mm
Flexi Tank - Collapsible Water Tank 400Ltr
Flexible Duct Fan Silencers
Flirmask Foil
Flood & Drain Black Trays
Flood & Drain Fittings 
Flora Flex Matrix Dripper Kits
Floraflex 6 Inch Flora Cap and Grodan Rockwool Cube
Floraflex Circulator 3"
Floraflex Matrix
Floraflex Matrix Pads
Floraltec Cure Flower Enhancer
Flower Net Black Mesh 2mtr Width x 1mtr Length
Flower Net White Mesh 1mtr Width x 1mtr Length
Flower Power Drying Racks
Foam Block Support for Flood & Drain Trays
Foam Tape 48mm x 15m
Free Flow Feeder Rings
Full Bud - Flower Enhancer
Funk Fighter Odourless Bags
G-Pot System Kits
Galvanized Starting Collars
Garden Culture FREE Magazine
Garden Saver by Ed Rosenthal
Gardis Pro Broad Wing W50 White Reflector
Gardis Pro Cool Tube 150 x 640
Gardis Pro Grow Tents
Gardis Pro Pot Liner Single
Gavita E Series 3 pk Connectors (RJ14 Cables & Splitter)
Gavita Enhanced Spectrum HPS Lamps
Gavita Master Controller EL1
Gavita Plasma Pro 270 LEP e Series
Gavita Pro Classic Series Digital Light Kit
Gavita Pro E Series Digital Light Kit
GE Lucalox PSL HPS Lamps
General Hydroponics Armor Si - Silica
General Hydroponics CaliMagic
General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar
General Hydroponics Flora Blend
General Hydroponics Flora Bloom
General Hydroponics Flora Gro
General Hydroponics Flora Kleen
General Hydroponics Flora Micro
General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Banana Bliss
General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Berry
General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Fruit N Fusion
General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Pineapple
General Hydroponics Flora Nectar Sugar Cane
General Hydroponics Flora Nova Bloom
General Hydroponics Flora Nova Grow
General Hydroponics Kool Bloom
General Hydroponics Liquid Kool Bloom
General Hydroponics MaxiBloom 1Kg
General Hydroponics MaxiGro 1Kg
General Hydroponics Rapid Start
Geopot - Black Fabric Pots
Geopot Planter with Frame
Glass Jar 15ml
Gold Label Hydro Coco 60/40 Mix 50 ltr
Goof Repair Plug 4mm Bag of 50
Gorilla Grow Tents
Great White - Premium Mycorrhizae
Green Cleaner Organic Miticide
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Bio Bloom
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Bio Enhancer
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Bio Grow
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Grow
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Hybrids
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Long Flowering
Green House Seed Co. Powder Feeding Short Flowering
Green Planet Massive Bloom
Greenduct Insulated Duct 3mtr Length
Greenduct Insulated Duct 6mtr Length
GreenPlanet Dual Fuel 5Ltr Pair
GreenPlanet GP3 Bloom 5Ltr
GreenPlanet GP3 Grow 5Ltr
GreenPlanet GP3 Grow, Micro & Bloom 5Ltr x 3 Pack
GreenPlanet GP3 Micro 5Ltr
GreenPlanet PK Spike 5Ltr
Greenroots Fabric Pot
Gro Cell Pyramid Propagator Tents
Gro Cell Tents
Grodan 77 Rockwool Cubes In Tray SBS36/77
Grodan Granulate Loose Rockwool 20kg
Grodan Rockwool Blocks
Grodan Wrapped Rockwool Slabs
GroFan Mixed Flow Inline Fan
Grolux T8 Sylvania Fluoro 8500K
Grommet Top Hats
Grotek Blossom Blaster
Grotek Blossom Blaster Pro 500ml
Grotek Bud Fuel
Grotek Cal-Max
Grotek Carbo Max 300g
Grotek Final Flush
Grotek Heavy Bud
Grotek Monster Bloom
Grotek Monster Grow 500g
Grotek pH Test Papers/Litmus Papers
Grotek Pro-Silicate
Grotek Vegetative Growth Booster
Grotek Vitamax Plus 4 ltr
Grow Candy Heat Bars
Grower's Handbook by Ed Rosenthal
Growhard Bitch'n
Growhard Brix+
Growhard Bud Juice
Growhard Liquid Lead
Growhard Nutriboost 1 ltr
Growhard Revived 1Ltr
Growlite Ratchet Light/Fixture Rope Hanger 2 Pack
Growlush 130 Watt CFL Lamps
Growlush 130 Watt CFL Light Kits
Growlush 600W Magnetic Light Kit with 2 Lamps
Growlush Cool Tube 150mm x 570mm
Growlush Digital Thermometer
Growlush Electric and Manual Trimmer
Growlush Grow Lite Digital Ballast
Growlush HPS 250 Watt Light Kit & MH Retrofit Lamp
Growlush HPS Lamps
Growlush HPS Light Kits
Growlush HPS Magnetic Ballasts
Growlush Inline Vent Fan 6
Growlush MH Lamps
Growlush MH Light Kits
Growlush MH Magnetic Ballasts
Growlush Mylar Clone Tent 80 x 45 x 80cm (H)
Growlush Mylar Clone Tent 90 x 50 x 160cm (H)
Growlush Oscillating Clip Fan 7inch 2 Speed Also Desk Fan or Wall Fan
Growlush Tent 120 x 120 x 200cm (H)
Growlush Thermal Controller
Growlush Timer Boxes
Growlush Variable Fan Speed Controller
Growool CSR 13.6kg Loose Rockwool
Growrite A & B Pair
Growstone Gnat Nix 9ltr Granules
Growstone GS-2 Mix This! Soil Aerator 42 ltr Course
Growstone Hydroponic Growth Medium 35 ltr Chunky
Growth Technologies Oxy Plus - Hydrogen Peroxide
Growth Technology Clonex Cloning Gel
Hang Ups Hangers 2 Pack
Harvest Book by Ed Rosenthal
Harvest Master CO2 Easi
Harvest Master Cool Kit Cool/Fan Option
Harvest Trim Tray
Heavy Duty Hose Cutter
HELLION DE-HPS 600-750W Illumination Kit
HI-PAR 315 Watt CMH Sunstorm Light Kit
HI-PAR 315w LEC Standard Reflector Lamp Adapter
HI-PAR 315w Sunstorm CMH Reflector
HI-PAR 600 Watt Controllable Ballast
HI-PAR 600W HPS Dynamic E40 Pro Light Kit
HI-PAR Digital Lighting Control Station
HI-PAR Duo Air Cooled Reflector
HI-PAR Dynamic CMH-Double Ended Control Light Kit 315w or 630w
HI-PAR Dynamic DE Euro Pro Light Kits
HI-PAR Dynamic HPS-Double Ended Control Light Kit
HI-PAR Handy Ties 10 Pack
HI-PAR Hi-Shine Reflector Wipes
HI-PAR Sunstorm S-ONE 315 Watt CMH ALL-IN-1- Light Kit
High Times Magazine August 2018
High Times Magazine June 2018
High Times Magazine October 2018
High Times Magazine September 2018
HM Aqua Pro EC Meter
Hortitek GrowSaber LED
Hortivision 315 Watt 10K Finishing Lamp
Hortivision 315 Watt Dimmable CMH Light Kit
Hortivision 315 Watt Remote Control Dimmable Ballast
Hortivision 315w 4K CMH Lamp
Hortivision 315W/930 Full Spectrum LEC Lamp
Hose Spanner/Hole Punch For 4mm Fittings
House & Garden Algen Extract 250ml
House & Garden Amino Treatment
House & Garden Aqua Flakes 1 Ltr Pair
House & Garden Bud XL
House & Garden Cocos A & B Pair
House & Garden Drip Clean
House & Garden Hydro A & B Pair
House & Garden Magic Green Foliar Spray 500ml
House & Garden Mgo 8% 1 ltr
House & Garden Multizyme
House & Garden N 27% Nitrogen 1 ltr
House & Garden pH Stabiliser 1 ltr
House & Garden Rhizo Force 250g
House & Garden Roots Excelurator
House & Garden Shooting Powder Satchets
House & Garden Soil A & B 1 ltr Pair
House & Garden Starter Kit
House & Garden Top Booster
House & Garden Top Shooter
House and Garden Cocos - 50Ltr Coco Bag
HR PVC Black Vinyl Hydro Tube/ Hose 13mm
HR PVC Black Vinyl Hydro Tube/ Hose 19mm
HR PVC Black Vinyl Hydro Tube/ Hose 25mm
Hy-Gen 2.76 Conductivity
Hy-Gen Coco Bloom A & B Pair
Hy-Gen Coco Grow A & B Pair
Hy-Gen Coco Single Part Nutrients
Hy-Gen Complete Starter Packs
Hy-Gen Full pH Test Kit
Hy-Gen HumiBoosta
Hy-Gen Hydro Bloom A & B Pair
Hy-Gen Hydro Growth Formula A & B Pair
Hy-Gen Hydro Single Part Nutrients
Hy-Gen Nitro-K
Hy-Gen Omegazyme
Hy-Gen pH 4.0 Buffer Solution
Hy-Gen pH 7.0 Buffer Solution
Hy-Gen pH Down
Hy-Gen pH Electrode Storage Solution
Hy-Gen pH Test Kit
Hy-Gen pH Up
Hy-Gen PK Top Up
Hy-Gen Probe Cleaner
Hy-Gen Sea Essentials
Hydraulic Press 10 Ton
Hydro Axis 24hr Mechanical Segment Timer
Hydro Axis 3 Speed Box Fan 30cm
Hydro Axis 3 Speed Wall Fan 50 Watt
Hydro Axis Clip Fan 125mm 5inch
Hydro Axis Digital Seconds Timer
Hydro Axis Digital Timer
Hydro Axis HPS Growroom Glasses
Hydro Axis Magnifying Loupe 40x
Hydro Axis Plant Yo Yo 10 Pack
Hydro Axis Pressure Sprayer
Hydro Axis Pruners
Hydro Axis Split Power Cord 1m
Hydro Axis Step Drill Bits
Hydro Halo Horseshoe Water Rings 2 Pack
Hydro Pro Dual Air Pump Z4000
Hydromat Heat Mat 23cm x 53cm
Hydroponics For Everybody Book
Hydroponics for Everyone 4th Edition by Dr Struan Sutherland
Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture by Jeffrey Winterborne
Hygen Pocket Scales 300g/0.01g
Iceline Cool Tube Hose 13mm
Iceline Cool Tube Hose 19mm
Iceline Cool Tube Hose 25mm
Iceline Cool Tube Hose 4mm
Iceline Cool Tube Hose 6mm
Iceline Cooltube Feeder Ring with 6mm drippers
In-line Filters
Increasing Tee 13-19mm
Inline Valves
Insect Glue Trap 10 Pack
Integra Cargo Dry Plus
Integra Humidity Regulators
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%)
Iso Max Fan/Silencer 8"/200mm & Mountain Air 200mm x 1000mm Filter Kit
Jack Chain 2.5mm
Jan/Feb 2018 Maximum Yield FREE Magazine
JBL Digital Timer
JBL Quality Pocket Scales
Jiffy Pots 60mm Square 12Pk
Jiffy7 Peat Pellets 44mm
JKH Series Portable Scales
July/August 2018 Maximum Yield FREE Magazine
Jungle Room Grow Tents
Jupiter 2 Light Mover Kits
Jupiter 2 Light Mover Motor
Karma Atomic
Kill-a-mite 100ml
Kind LED Grow Lights
Large Propagator Soft Lid with 23Ltr Tray
Large Propagator Solid Lid with 20Ltr Tray
Light Spreader/Heat Shield to Suit 250/400/600w HPS Lamp
Living Soil Acadian Kelp Meal
Living Soil Aloe 1Ltr
Living Soil IPM Kit (Neem, Aloe, Silica)
Living Soil Malted Barley
Living Soil Neem 1Ltr
Living Soil Neem Meal
Living Soil Neem Meal, Acadian Kelp Meal & Malted Barley Set 1Kg
Living Soil Neem, Silica & Aloe 1Ltr Set
Living Soil Silica 1Ltr
LR44 Batteries (A76/AG13)
Lucius Maximus 1000watt Digital Light Kit
Lucius Maximus 400 Watt HPS Digital Light Kit
Lucius Maximus Digital Ballasts
Lucius Maximus HPS 600 Watt Electronic Ballast Kit
Lucius Recom 1000 Watt DE Digital Ballast
Lucius Recom 2 x 315w CMH Light Kit
Lucius Recom 630w DE CMH Kit
Lucius Recom DE HPS 600W Light Kit
Lumatek 600Watt/400v Digital Ballast
Lumatek 600Watt/400v Digital Ballast With GE PSL 600 Watt/400v Lamp
Lumatek HPS 1000 Watt Lamp
LushPro LED Lights
Lushpro Platinum LED Lights
Magical Butter 4 Pack Filters & Glove
Magical Butter DecarBox and Thermometer Combo Pack
Magical Butter Machine - MB2e Botanical Extractor
Magical Butter Silicone Butter Tray
Magical Butter Silicone Gummy Tray 2 Pack
Mammoth 'S' Hooks 5 Pack
Mammoth 2mtr Tent Support Pole with Rubber Ends
Mammoth Adjust Light Hanger 2 Pack
Mammoth Classic Tents
Mammoth Dry Tent 80 x 80 x 180cm (H)
Mammoth Drying Rack 5 Tier 30 inch 76 cm
Mammoth Dual Propagator Tents
Mammoth Elite HC Gavita Series Tents
Mammoth Elite HC Tents
Mammoth Elite Tents
Mammoth Hold 4 Pack Branch Support
Mammoth Ivory Pro Tent 240 x 120 x 200cm
Mammoth Lite Tents
Mammoth P - Microbial Nutrient
Mammoth Pro Tents
Mammoth Propagator Tents
Mammoth Single Drying Rack 45cm/17.5 inch
Mammoth Straps 2 Pack Filter Hangers
Mammoth Web Scrog Net/Mesh 60-100cm
Mar/Apr 2018 Maximum Yield FREE Magazine
Mat - Coco Fibre 396mm
Max-Lite CFL Reflector with Flat Earth Plug
May/June 2018 Maximum Yield Hemp Revival FREE MAG
Measuring Cups
Measuring Pipettes
Medical Cannabis Book
Medical Cookbook by Sandy Moriarty
Medium Propagator Kits
Medtainer Plastic Grinder 3 Piece
Mesh Pots
Metal Reducers - White
Method Seven Cultivator Glasses
Method Seven Operator Glasses
Method Seven Resistance HPS Glasses
Micro Screen Filter 235mm x 235mm
Mills Basis A & B Pair 2 Part Nutrient
Mills C4 Flower Enhancer
Mills Start-R Root Enhancer
Mills Ultimate PK Ripening Promoter
Mills Vitalize Plant Vigor Promoter
Mirror Vented Medium Reflector
Mister 4mm - 10 Pack
Moist Bar Zip Lock Storage Bag
Mojocow PS1 Link Cable
Mojocow PS1 Plastic Spines to suit up to 4 T5 Fluoros 2 Pack
Mojocow PS1 Plastic Spines to suit up to 8 T5 Fluoros 2 Pack
Mojocow PS1 Power Supply Lead
Mojocow PS1 Propagation T5 Light Kits
Mountain Air 250mm x 1000mm, Can RS250 Fan & Silencer
Mountain Air Filter, Hyper Fan 200mm & Solid Silencer Kit
Mountain Air Filters
Multi Purpose Digital Timer Sec/Min/Hrs
Multipack Solid and Gridded Cloning Trays
Myco On Balance Scale 0.01 - 100g
Mykos Mycorrhizal 750g
Mylar Film Reflective Plastic
Nanolux CMH 315 watt Vertical Light Kit
Nanolux OG 600 Watt Digital Ballast with Digimax 600 Watt Lamp
Nanolux OG Series Digital Ballast
Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom
Nature's Own Guano Super Grow
Neem Oil 50ml
NF nutrifield Pot Liner 3 Pack Pot Sox
NF Nutrifield Tub Liner 45 ltr 3 Pk Pot Sox
NFT Gro Tank Kits
Noise Reducing Connector Clamps
Nov/Dec 2018 Maximum Yield FREE Magazine
Nulife AU60 Root Repair 1 ltr
Nulife Cocofeed Bloom Pair A & B
Nulife Cocofeed Grow Pair A & B
Nulife Nitro Boost
Nulife Power Active 1Ltr
Nulife Stop Wilt
Nulife Weight Plus 1 ltr
Nutrient Meter
Nutrifield 50/50 Coco Chips Blend 50ltr
Nutrifield Bud Burst
Nutrifield Cargo Boost
Nutrifield Coco Medium 50ltr
Nutrifield Coco Pair A & B
Nutrifield Coco Perlite 50Ltr
Nutrifield Crystalic
Nutrifield Drying Rack 8 Tier 60cm/24 inch
Nutrifield Elements Bloom Pair A & B
Nutrifield Elements Grow Pair A & B
Nutrifield Flavor Savior
Nutrifield Fulife
Nutrifield Mesh Pot (Suits Nutrifield Pro Pot System)
Nutrifield Myco Thrive 20g
Nutrifield NF 27 Ltr Pro Pot System with Horseshoe Feeder Ring
Nutrifield NF Pro Pot Feeder Ring
Nutrifield NF Regulator Part B Bud Fast 1 ltr PGR
Nutrifield pH Down 1 ltr
Nutrifield pH Up 1 ltr
Nutrifield PK Heavy
Nutrifield Pro Pot DWC System 15Ltr Bucket and Mesh Pot
Nutrifield Pro Pot DWC System 15Ltr Bucket, Stand and Mesh Pot
Nutrifield Pro Pot Feeder Ring, 200mm Mesh Pot and Elbow
Nutrifield Pro Pot Grated
Nutrifield Pro Pot Horseshoe Feeder Ring with Elbow
Nutrifield Pro Pot Kit 15 Ltr with 2 Adjustable Heights
Nutrifield Pro Pot Solid Bucket (No Holes)
Nutrifield Pro Pot Stand
Nutrifield Regulator Part A Stop Grow 1 ltr PGR
Nutrifield Root Nectar
Nutrifield Root Nectar, PK Heavy and Crystalic 1Ltr Promo Pack
Nutrifield Tricho Thrive 20g
Nutrifield Veg Ignitor
Nutriponics Bloom Pair A & B
Nutriponics Grow Pair A & B
Octa Bubblers
OGS 1Kg Nutrient Tea Early Flower Kit
OGS 1Kg Nutrient Tea Late Flower Kit
OGS 1Kg Nutrient Tea Vegetative Kit
OGS Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g
OGS Baby Booster Germination Mix 25Ltr
OGS Bokashi Mix 1Kg
OGS EM1 1Ltr
OGS Insect Frass 10% Chitosan 100g
OGS Kelp Meal 1Kg
OGS Liquid Organic Fertilizer 1Ltr
OGS Neem Cake 1Kg IPM (Pest Management)
OGS Notill Soil 25Ltr
OGS Nutrient Kit 2Kg
OGS Super Soil 25Ltr with Nutrient Mix
OGS Top Dress Mulch 1.5Kg
On Balance CL300 Digital Scales 0.01g -300g
On Balance Envy Scales NV-500 (500g x 0.01g)
On Balance Mini Table Top Scales 200g x 0.01g
On Balance OB-3000 Scales 3000g x 0.01g
On Balance Tuff Weigh Scales TF-100 (100g x 0.01g)
Osram Plantstar HPS600 Lamp
Osram Powerarc Lamp MH1000 watt Globe
Ozi Magic Gro Juice Bud Swell
Ozi Magic Gro Juice Monsta Bud
Ozi Magic Gro Juice Ozi Tonic
Ozi Magic Gro Juice Sweetaz
Ozi Magic Terminata 500ml 
Ozi Magic X-Ellerator 250ml
PAR LED Light Fixtures
Patron Apollo 2ml Stainless Steel Dispenser
Patron Apollo 2ml Stainless Steel Precision Extract Dabber
Patron Apollo 5ml Stainless Steel Dispenser
Patron Apollo 5ml Stainless Steel Precision Extract Dabber
Patron EOS 2ml Precision Dispenser
Patron EOS 5ml Precision Dispenser
Perlite / Vermiculite Bags
Pest and Disease Control by Ed Rosenthal
PH Pen ph009
Philips 315w/930 CMH Lamp 3100K
Philips Green Power Lamp HPS 600 watt 400 volt Globe
Philips Green Power LED Interlighting (115 watts Usage)
Philips Master Colour 315w/942 CMH Grow Lamp
Philips Son-T HPS Lamps
Phresh 150mm/6 inch Hyper Fan Filter Silencer Kit
Phresh 250mm/10 inch Hyper Fan Filter Silencer Kit
Phresh Filters
Phresh Hyper Fan Climate Control
Phresh Hyper Fans
Phresh Inline Filters
Phresh Intake Filters
Phresh Silenced Hyper Fans
Phresh Silencers
PieceMaker Silicone Bowl 150mm
PL55 Starlight Fluoro 2ft 55 Watts
Plastic Black & White Hydroponic Panda Film
Plastic Connector for Tents
Platinium Series Flood & Drain Systems
Platinium Super Cloners
Plug Adapter Round Earth to Flat Earth
Pollen Extractor Bubble Bags
Pond One O2 Plus 10 Outlet Air Pumps
Pond One Shark Fountain & Waterfall Pumps
Pot 18 Ltr 330mm
Pot 27 Ltr 400mm Drainage Holes
Pot 8 Ltr 250mm
Pot Grids
Pot NFT 50mm LP-50
Pot Saucers
Pot Set 10 Ltr
Pot Set 18 Ltr
Pot Set 20 Ltr
Pot Set 27 Ltr
Pot Set 30 Ltr 140mm Stand
Pot Set 30 Ltr 140mm Stand
Pot Set 30 Ltr 3 Pot System
Pot Set 30 Ltr With Grid Insert
Pot Set 30 Ltr with Grid Insert & 140mm Stand
Pot Set 50 Ltr 140mm Stand
Pot Set 50 Ltr 3 Pot System
Pot Set 50 Ltr With Grid Insert & 140mm Stand
Pot Set 50Ltr With Grid Insert
Pot Stake Riser 4mm
Pot Stand 140mmTo Suit 52Ltr Pot Sets
Pot Stand 52Ltr
Pot Stand To Suit 28Ltr Pots
Pot with Handles 28 Ltr 410mm drainage Holes
Pot with Handles 52Ltr 490mm with Drainage Holes
Potami Pump Filter Bag 2 Pack
Potami Tub 100 Ltr Reservoir with Lid
Potami Water Pump F4500 with Float Switch
Potami White Tubing 13mm
Potami White Tubing 19mm
Potami White Tubing 4mm x 25m
Potami White Tubing 6mm x 25m
Powder Feeding Booster 500g Green House Seed Co.
Power Si
Powerboard with Surge Protect
Powerplant Envirogrow CFL 250W Lamps
Powerplant Lamp HPS 1000 watt Globe High Pressure Sodium
Powerplant Lamp HPS to MH Conversion Bulb 4000K
Powerplant Super HPS1000 Lamp
PPC Duct Tape PVC Multi Purpose 48mm x 30m
Pressurized Closed Column 450g/1Lb Extractor
Pro Grow HPS 2K Lamps
Pro Grow MH 10K Lamps
Pro Grow MH 4K Lamps
Pro Grow MH 6K Lamps
Pro Leaf PPM-B1 CO2 PPM Controller
Pro-val Nitrile Blax PF Disposable Gloves
Propagation Dome Lids
Propagation Fluoro Light Kit White 2 x 55 Watt
Protect Your Garden by Ed Rosenthal
Puretane 300ml Premium Triple Filtered
PVC Black Tube Hose 4mm
PVC Black Tube Hose 6mm
Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier
Quest CDG 74 Dehumidifier
Quest F9 Air Mover
Quick Release Ducting Clamps
Reflector Hangers String Twin Pack Yo-Yo
Reiziger Clearance
Revelry Around Towner 72Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Confidant 0.5Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Continental 137Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Drifter 23Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Escort 18Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Overnighter 28Ltr Odourless Bag
Revelry Stowaway 5Ltr Odourless Bag
Revolution DEva 1000 Watt DE Light Kit
Rio Hyper Flow Water Pumps
Rio Water Pump Impeller
Rock Absorb-a-light Foliar Spray 1 ltr
Rock Burst 1 ltr
Rock Fusion Bloom 1 ltr
Rock Fusion Grow 1 ltr
Rock Ignite Flowering A & B Pair
Rock Ignite Growth A & B Pair
Rock Nitro
Rock Resinator
Rock Star Coco A&B Pair
Rock Super Growth 100ml
Rock Supercharge Root Tonic 1 ltr
Root Cleaner Concentrate
Root Pruning Pots
Rootex Cloning Gel 50ml
Rootex Cloning Powder 18g
Rootex-L Hormone Rooting Liquid 50ml
Ruck Speed Controller Transformer Based 5 Step 3.5 Amp
S Hooks 38mm 2 Pack
Scalpel Disposable Sterile
Scarid 10
Seahawk Clip Fan 150mm/6"
Seahawk CloneMaster Propagation Heat Mats
Seahawk Cloning Station 24
Seahawk Cool Tube White Reflector 150mm x 800mm
Seahawk Drying Racks
Seahawk Feed Pump Controller/Timer In Seconds
Seahawk Smart Grow Tents
Seahawk Ultra-Lite Silver Reflectors
Seahawk Ultra-Lite White Reflectors
Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Tents
Secret Jardin Tents
Seedling Propagator 2 Piece
Sensi Pro Crystal Clear
Sep/Oct 2018 Maximum Yield FREE Magazine
Shade Cloth 70% UV Rating Green 3.66mtr Width
Shade Cloth 70% UV Rating Green/Black 1.83mtr Width
Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum 250ml Concentrate
Sharp Shooter Natural Pyrethrum 750ml RTU
Silencer Ducts
Silver Duct 6mtr Length
Small Propagator 3 Piece
Small Round Tube Pots
Smart Garden Defence System 120g
Smart Garden Plant Starter 90g
SMSCOM Fan / Smart Controller
SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro
SMSCOM Hybrid Switchbox Controller all-in-one
SMSCOM Twin Controller Pro
Snap Hook
Sol Sense Growroom Glasses with Interchangeable Lenses
Sol-Lifters Ratchet Hangers Twin Pack Light Hangers
Sol-Sense LEC 315 Watt Reflector, Inbuilt Ballast and Lamp
Solid Bucket 10Ltr 250mm (No Holes)
Solid Bucket 16 Ltr 300mm (No Holes)
Solid Bucket 18 Ltr 330mm (No Holes)
Solid Bucket 52 Ltr 490mm (No Holes)
Solid Bucket with Handles 28 Ltr 410mm (No Holes)
Solid Lid Black to Suit 23/45/65Ltr Tubs
Spider COB LED Grow Lights
Spider COB LED Lens
Spray Bottle 1 Ltr
Square 2 Way Corner Fitting
Square 3 Way Corner Fitting
Square 3 Way Corner Fitting Flat
Square 4 Way Corner Fitting
Square Aluminium Tubing Per Metre
Square Drying Rack Stackable 70cm x 70cm
Square End Cap Fitting
Square Pot 18Ltr
Square Pot 6 ltr
Square Pot Set 18Ltr
Square Solid Bucket 24Ltr (No Holes)
Stainless Steel Herb Mill
Stainless Steel Hose Clamp
Stand To Suit Carbon Filters
Standard Pots
Starlite Propagation Fluoro Light Kits
Stick-on Door Zipper
Sticky Fly Trap
Stir Crazy Cooking
Strepto Force 2oz
Stylus Nashua 398 Multi Purpose 340g Adhesive Spray
Sungrip Rope Ratchet Hanger Single
Sunmaster HPS600 Dual Spectrum Lamp
Sunmaster Lamp U WDX MH 1000 watt Globe
Super Si
Superpro 2 Burner CO2 Generators
Superpro 6 Pot Water System
Superpro pH Doser Kit D1-PHC
Syringe with 4-6mm Hose
T5 Fluoro Lamp 2ft 24 Watts
T5 Fluoro Lamp 4ft 54 Watts
T5 Propagation Light Kit 4 x 24 Watt Hydro24
T5 Propagation Light Kit 4 x 54 Watt Hydro44
T5 Propagation Light Kit 8 x 54 Watt Hydro48
Taipan Gloves - Pair
Tap-in-Cap 20 ltr Tap (Suits most Aussie made Drums)
Taps to suit Canna or House & Garden Bottles
TDS & EC Meter
Teco Water Chiller & Heater
The ExHale Original Homegrown CO2 Bag
The Fly Trap - Electronic Sticky Fly Trap
The Green Pad Junior CO2 Generator x 10 Pads
The Grower's Journal, House & Garden FREE Booklet
The Organic Grow Book
The Professor's Cloning Accelerator 1Ltr
The Professor's Extreme Boost 500g
The Professor's Flower Boost
The Professor's Go Green
The Professor's Go Roots
The Professor's Green Led Torch
The Professor's Grow Fast
The Professor's Organic Flower Boost
The Professor's Organic Grow Fast
The Professor's Organic Single Part Bloom Nutrient
The Professor's Organic Single Part Grow Nutrient
The Professor's Organic Terpene Gold
The Professor's Original A & B Nutrient Pair
The Professor's Resin Clean 1Ltr
The Professor's Starter Soak 5 Ltr
The Rock Box Nutrients & Additives
This Bud's for You by Ed Rosenthal
Threaded Joiner 4mm
Timer Box 28 - 100amp 12on/12off or 24on + 4 Live
Timer Programmable 24hr Analogue
Timer Reset Control Box
Tincture Bottle with Pipette 10ml
TNB CO2 Enhancer
Toggle Hooks Spring Loaded
Torch Head Lamp Green LED
Torus Hydro Perfect pH Balancer
Transformer Based 5 Step Speed Controller
Tridon Metal Hose Clamps
Trimming Scissors
Trimpro Rotor & Table, Automatic Leaf Trimmer
Trimpro Unplugged Trimmer
Tub Outlet Extension
Tub Outlet Fittings
Tub Outlet Screen
Tub Plastic Gridded 45ltr Black
Turbo Klone Collars (each)
Turbo Klone Propagation Kits
Turn Around, Feminizer 1Ltr
Twist Ties 200mm Pack of 200
Twist Ties 30m + Extra Roll
Uber Recover
Uber Uni One Single Part Nutrient 4Ltr
Ugro Coco Perlite Mix Pure Max Air 50Ltr Bag
Ultimate Plant Cage Made in USA
Ultimate Plant Clip Made in USA
Ultra Klean Ultra Mask 740ml
Ultra Klean Ultra Wash 30ml
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Ventti Universal Gas Refill 300ml
Vertical Lamp Holder Suits Round Dome Reflectors
Vertical Wall Garden 200mm Pot
Vertical Wall Garden 600mm Rectangle Pot
Vitality Plus
Wilma Large 4-8 Pot Drip Systems
X-Tray Flood & Drain Trays Black/White
Xtra Cool Tube 150mm/6
House and Garden
Ozi Magic
Mountain Air
Gardis Pro
Chef's Aid
General Hydroponics
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