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Root Cleaner Concentrate

Root Cleaner Concentrate
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Product Information

Root Cleaner Concentrate
Root Cleaner concentrate eliminates soil borne pests and pathogens, naturally—no respirators, gloves, or suiting up required. While Green Cleaner treats the foliage above ground, Root Cleaner takes care of the problems in the soil and root zone. It treats the issue of pest control in a safe and consumer conscious manner. Best of all, it solves the issue of "immunity" by killing eggs and preventing pests from becoming resistant to it.
Root Cleaner kills fungus gnats and their larvae, pythium and rhizoctonia, root rot and root damping-off, thrips, nematodes, root aphids, and more. For use in soil and coco. Use from start up to the day of harvest.
  • All Natural
  • Concentrated
  • Pests can’t build immunity to it
  • No gloves, respirator, or suiting up required
  • Kills pests and their eggs! No “product stacking” required
  • Use from Start to Harvest
Benefits of Root Cleaner:
Root Cleaner kills the detrimental pests and pathogens which are largely found in your plant’s root zone. Used to protect the roots in farming, horticulture, gardening, and many other capacities, Growers Trust Root Cleaner.
Protecting roots and soil, Root Cleaner works hard to:
Minimize root knots and egg hatchings of Fungus Gnats, Thrips, nematodes and more
Minimize soil pathogens and various impediments caused from soil and climate factors
Enhances plant disease protection
Why Root Cleaner Works?
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to Use Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Effective
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Commercial Grade
  • Concentrated
Have pesky pest & pathogens been destroying your precious harvests?
The time is now to stop losing money and defend your roots with our natural pesticide.
When pests problem plagues your soil, you must act fast to ensure that you maintain current crops and create a healthy environment for new crop development.
How Does it Work?
Root Cleaner Natural Pesticide Soil Drench will stop and eliminate Thrips, Fungus Gnats, Root Aphids and minimize root rot and egg hatching by disrupting their feeding and reproduction. Root Cleaner attacks fungus and algae and cause the pests to dehydrate and dry up. High moisture levels in soils, media and around pots enhances the development of fungus gnats and other pests. If untreated fungus gnats will feed on the beneficial material in the soil. If a fungal food source is not available, fungus gnats may feed directly on plants and inhibit the plant from rooting. This may also damage the root zone as they feed on seedlings and potted plants. On many healthy steamed plants, larvae may tunnel into stems and cause plants to wilt and die. Larval feeding on roots may increase the development of root and stem rots such as Pythium. When this occurs, plants will be stunted with reduced growth.
 Also, pests droppings on plants may carry other diseases.
Our Product has been tested in our lab on delicate new growth, clones, cuttings, tomatoes, roses and other plants.
Root Cleaner Concentrated Natural Pesticide Soil Drench can be used on a wide variety of plants, vegetables, and even trees.
Some nematodes are beneficial to plant growth, but others are detrimental. Green Cleaner will harm nematodes, which some attack plants and serve as carriers for plant viruses in crops.
How Much Product Do I Need?
That depends on if you are treating or preventing pest problems. You use the same product for both, but the amount you apply will be different.
For Treatment of active pest problems, we recommend treating using an 1oz dilution on Day 1 and Day 7 and then every 30-45 days, as needed, or after heavy rain. Exact application instructions are below.
For treatment @ 1oz (30ml) per gallon (4Ltrs) as a Drench
Additional Application Information
Test on 1 or 2 plants before applying Root Cleaner to your entire crop. Start with lower application rate. 1/2 -1 oz per gallon
(some plants are more sensitive than others).
How To Use
Dilution ratios vary by application. The Stronger mixtures are for damaged and infected area.
For best results treating active pests & pathogen problems, we recommend our Root Cleaner. This will ensure you’re treating your soil and garden to fully eliminate the problem.
Ways to Apply Root Cleaner
Root Cleaner can be applied to media using a drench application. Apply Root Cleaner into the plant’s root zone, and irrigate so the material moves throughout the root zone or where the pests are located.
To treat an active problem, you must apply twice within 7-10 days to ensure you break the egg cycle. We recommend the drench and soak method when applying for treatment of infestation pest problems.
Post Application Rinse
To help revive your soil to its natural state, Rinse 15 minutes after application, pour water into the media and flush, thoroughly. Flush with water to rinse all the dead pests and pathogens away from your media. Reapply your nutrients or beneficial after you completely flushed your media with water.
Directions For Use In Hydroponics:
If you can remove plant from system
– Remove plant and place in 5 gallon bucket.
– Pour solution over top of the root system down and drain into the bucket.
– Let sit for 5-10 minutes.
– Rinse with water and return plant to system.
– Apply 2-5 times every 2-3 days as needed, depending upon infestation.
– You may reuse the solution in the bucket, simply strain unwanted pests and set aside. Keep out of sun and away from extreme heat.
If you cannot remove plant from system
– Pour solution over the top of the root system down and let it drain into the system.
– Use on each individual plant, pouring over top of root system.
– Apply 2-5 times every 2-3 days as needed, depending upon infestation.
– Make sure to flush system appropriately after use. Root Cleaner should not be left in a reservoir.
CAUTION: Do not use with other products.
For Prevention & Maintenance:
Like any pest control maintenance schedule, how often you apply Natural Pest Control will depend on your local insect pressure & critter population. Critters like raccoons, opossum & squirrels are known carriers of parasites.  Insects like fungus gnats & thrips thrive in moist, warm, shady areas. In general, a 30-45 day routine treatment or after heavy rain is the best practice and usually the cheapest solution to pest management. As needed, protect your garden from pests and pathogens. Use as often as needed for a natural, pest free environment.

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