Revolution DEva 1000 Watt DE Light Kit


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Revolution DEva 1000 Watt DE Light Kit

The Revolution has landed in Australian horticultural lighting... The Revolution DEva is the most advanced HPS fixture on the global market. Designed with aeronautical engineering quality and unique square-wave technology, the DEva is built for serious growers. 

Revolution Micro has set an incredible new benchmark in professional lighting technology. Unlike previous digital ballasts that function at over 100,000Hz, the Revolution DEva utilises a unique Silent Square-wave technology that operates ultra-efficiently at just less than 100Hz!!

The 1000w DE HPS DEva outputs significantly more usable light per watt than any other fixture. This is achieved by square sinewaves producing a predicable instantaneous transition between minimum and maximum outputs.

By utilising low frequency squarewave technology, the Revolution promotes a higher quality of light, essentially eliminates EMI & harmonic distortion and promotes a longer lamp life.

Durably designed by Greg Richter, The Revolution DEva incorporates avionics grade capacitors that are rated for 36 years of continuous use! The slimline housing for the compactly designed DEva allows for more practical lighting arrangements and the casing effectively dissipates warmth from the bulb.

Revolution Micro also developed the world's most powerful lighting controller (purchased separately)!


Revolution horticultural lighting side of ballast Revolution lighting underneath angle shot Revolution deva 1000w hps fixture all in one Revolution Deva 1000w HPS  in box

Product Code: REVYA77Y92

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