Trotec TTK 166 Eco Dehumidifier 52L/Day

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Highly efficient. Extremely robust. Incredibly low-priced.
Particularly economical solution for typical dehumidification applications in the commercial sector
When it comes to efficiency, hardly any other device can keep up with the low-cost solution TTK 166 ECO. The dehumidifier manages about 52 litres in 24 hours – an impressive drying performance for the commercial sector.
The current room air humidity and temperature can be easily read from its large digital display both in standby and dehumidification mode. The desired relative room air humidity can be set to values between 10 % and 95 % in steps of 1. Hence, humidity-dependent drying control is not a problem thanks to the integrated hygrostat.
The striking signal red paint makes it impossible to overlook the dehumidifier on any construction site. Thanks to the carriage design with a transport handle and large wheels, the TTK 166 ECO can be moved without difficulty even in the often harsh surroundings on construction sites. A practical cable holder at the rear of the device allows you to safely stow the power cable during transport and storage.
Propane (R290) as environmentally friendly refrigerant in dehumidifiers
Every year, several million tonnes of environmentally harmful CO2emissions (greenhouse gases) are emitted into the air by synthetic refrigerants. For this reason, the utilization of alternative refrigerants has become one of our key objectives. By using propane (R290) as refrigerant, this dehumidifier makes a valuable contribution to protecting our climate.
The natural refrigerant propane (R290) is an organic compound belonging to the group of hydrocarbons. Unlike synthetic refrigerants the environmentally friendly propane (R290) comes with neither ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0) nor a noteworthy greenhouse effect (GWP = 3).
Additional bonus for the environment: Owing to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant thereby additionally reducing your energy costs.
The timer function for switch-on/-off at a preselected time, the large 7-litre water tank and the indication for automatic defrost complete the range of features of this efficient dehumidifier. Moreover, the TTK 166 ECO is equipped with an external condensate drain (condensate pump optionally available), and is thus perfectly suited for longer unattended drying operations. Thanks to the memory function the dehumidifier memorizes the desired relative room humidity during short power failures. As soon as the power supply is restored, the TTK 166 ECO restarts automatically.
In spite of its compact dimensions the TTK 166 ECO is outstanding with a dehumidification performance of 52 l/24h for rooms sized up to 90 m² or 230 m³. Owing to the rotary piston compressor, its carriage design of robust steel can be transported and stored in any position.
The control panel of the TTK 166 ECO is provided with a clear design and is easy to understand. The digital display for example shows you the current relative humidity level in the room.
The removable water tank has a storage capacity of 7 litres. The device stops automatically when the tank is full and indicates this via LED.
The power cable can be wound up properly and clamped in the mounting bracket.
The TTK 166 ECO is also an excellent choice when it comes to its use for water damage restoration. The process of drying the spaces can be substantially accelerated in such cases of damage, as a consequence considerably reducing mould formation. A connectable air hose also makes it possible to dry hollows.
A few practical benefits:
• Particularly economical solution for typical dehumidification applications in the commercial sector
• GS-tested quality
• High dehumidification performance
• Robust steel construction in carriage design
• Portable and easily stored anywhere thanks to its rotary compressor
• Hygrostat-controlled automatic operation
• Timer function
• Indication of the current room air humidity and temperature both in standby mode and dehumidification mode
Fan assistance
Quicker construction drying by air circulation
The drying time can be reduced by half if construction dryers and fans are combined. In doing this, each dryer is supplemented with a fan, which significantly improves the drying performance and thus also the duration of the drying process.
The increased air circulation results in a quicker evaporation of the humidity, for the higher the flow rate at the material surface, the sooner will the drying process be completed.
Accessory tip:
External condensate pump for continuous operation
This condensate pump is compatible with all TTK-ECO models from Trotec and is ideally suited for longer, unattended dry keeping applications. With a pump height of up to 5 metres the condensate can be pumped from the collection container of the construction dryer into a larger container or outside. This makes it possible to let the construction dryer run in continuous operation without a full collection container interrupting the dehumidification process.
Technical Data
Dehumidification performance
At 30 °C / 80 % RH [l/24h] 50
Max. [l/24h] 52
Air flow rate
Level Max. [m³/h] 300
Recommended room size dry keeping
Ambient conditions
Min. temperature range [°C] 5
Max. temperature range [°C] 35
Min. humidity range [% RH] 10
Max. humidity range [% RH] 95
Electrical values
Mains connection 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
Nominal current consumption [A] 4
Power input [kW] 0.95
Recommended fusing [A] 10
Required current starting phase [A] 16
Electric connection
Connection plug CEE 7/7
Rotary piston compressor
Reciprocating piston compressor
refrigerant R-410A
Amount of refrigerant [g] 200
Minimum room size [m²] 15
GWP factor 3
CO2 equivalent 0.0006
Pressure suction side [MPa] 1
Pressure outlet side [MPa] 2.5
Max. permissible pressure [Mpa] 2.5
Water tank
Contents in [l] 7
Sound values
Level 1 - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 56
Functions and features
Cable holder
Current room temperature indication
Memory function
LED display
Display of the relative humidity level
Automatic fault diagnosis system
Fan rundown function
Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 480
Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 450
Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 655
(packaging excluded) [kg] 30
Equipment, Features and Functions
Automatic defrost system
- Air circulation / electronic
Automatic dehumidification
- Non-stop dehumidification
- Electronic hygrostat
- Hygrostat-controlled
- Axial
Condensate tank monitoring
- Container available
- Overflow protection with automatic switch-off
- Filling level warning light to indicate a full water tank
Room air filter
- Cleanable
- Readily accessible
Timer function
- Switch-on time preselectable
- Switch-off time can be preselected
- Non-marking full-rubber wheels
- Carry/transport handle(s)
- Foot
- Cable winder
- Carriage design
Condensate drain
- Hose connection possible
- Recommended hose size: 13mm
Control panel
- Digital display
- Touchscreen control panel
Housing design
- Steel coated

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