TechPlex 440W LED Grow Light

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Full-spectrum 3000K (for all stages) + 5000K Blue Light LEDs (vegetation) + 660nm Red Light LEDs (flowering) + 750nm IR Light (for improved plant health). The LEDs are Genuine Samsung LM301b. Techplex LED boards feed the plants the light with the ultimate amount of PPFD and spectrum to achieve higher yields while consuming far less electricity in comparison with older technologies such as HPS and CFL lights. Our lights also produce a very low amount of heat due to their high efficiency. No extra fans or AC system is required. They come with a genuine Meanwell Driver with a dimmer which allows users to adjust the light intensity throughout different stages of the plant life (seedling, vegetation, and flowering). The entire front surface which contains the LEDs has been coated with a water-resistant coating which makes the lights suitable for indoor growing conditions. All the lights come with a complementary rope ratchet hanger and a light attachment kit for easy installation and height adjustment.


  • Power Consumption: 480W
  • Total of 832 genuine Samsung LM301b LEDs (554 White LED 3000K + 288 Blue LED 5000K)
  • Total of 36 Red LEDs 660nm + 4 Infra-red 730nm LED
  • 2 x Genuine Meanwell Drivers with an adjustable dimmer
  • Ideal for 6×6 ft ft for vegetation and 5×5 ft for flowering IP65 Water resistance
  • High efficiency of 2.9mmol/J
  • Min PPFD 325 mmol/m2/s at 12-inch height in a 5×5 ft grow tent
  • Max PPFD 2290 mmol/m2/s at 12-inch height in a 5×5 ft grow tent
  • Australian owned company with Melbourne based customer support


Dimensions: 67 x 60 x 10cm

Weight: 8kg

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