Gardman Soil Moisture Meter

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GARDMAN Soil Moisture Meter

Are you not quite sure whether your plant needs a drink? Sometimes it can be hard to tell - but you need to know, because too much or too little water can be very detrimental to your plants.

The Gardman Soil Moisture Meter provides a guide for optimal watering of plants and lawns either indoors or outdoors. The Soil Moisture Meter includes full instructions and an optimum soil moisture guide.

  • Great value
  • Easy to use
  • Full instructions included


How to use:
1. Insert the probe into the soil with a twisting motion.
2. Leave for one minute then read dial.
3. Remove, clean and prepare probe with a cloth or tissue.

RED ZONE - Dry. Suits Cacti and Sansevieria
GREEN ZONE - Damp. Suits most plants.
BLUE ZONE - Wet. Suits aquatic plants.


Do not leave the probe in soil for prolonged periods. Always clean the probe with cloth after use.
Founded in 1992, Gardman has established itself as the UK’s leading garden products provider, built from over 25 years of experience in the industry and from a detailed understanding of a Gardener's needs. The Gardman brand also offers other premium brands including Cole & Bright, Moulton Mill, Edenbloom and Grow.

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