Extension lead for 315w Adjust-a-Wing

Sale price$23.50


With a generous length of 3.5 meters, this power cord empowers you to customize your lighting setup like never before.
Features & Benefits:
• Extended Freedom: Unleash your creativity without constraints. The 3.5-meter length of this extension power cord provides the freedom to position your lighting exactly where you envision it.
• Secure Connection: Crafted for reliability, this extension cord ensures a secure and stable connection between your lighting components. No interruptions, just uninterrupted growth.
• Precision Performance: Your lighting setup deserves accuracy. The Adjust-A-Wing Extension Power Cord maintains consistent power delivery, enabling your plants to thrive with precision lighting control.
• Plant-Centric Design: Engineered with your plants in mind, this extension cord allows you to cater to their unique needs. Place your light exactly where it's required for optimal growth.
• Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate the extension cord into your existing setup. It's designed to work effortlessly with your Adjust-A-Wing lighting system, making expansion a breeze.
Extend your potential with the Adjust-A-Wing Extension Power Cord. Step by step, meter by meter, you're nurturing the perfect environment for your plants to flourish. Embrace the power of expansion and let your gardening dreams grow.

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