Nutriponics Bloom A & B

Size: 1L
Sale price$18.50


Nutriponics is Australia’s best base nutrient mix with more than 20 years behind it, Nutriponics has been tested and proven to give great results every time.
Containing only what you need for a perfect two part nutrient and nothing more. Nutriponics has been created using only the highest pharmacutical grade minerals to ensure your plants are getting the absolute purest solution with any heavy metals, or other unwanted by-products from cheap and dirty mineral sources. Use in the flower cycle.
An advanced hydroponic nutrient formula.
Designed to optimize your plants.
Productivity, Growth, and general performance.
  • Add 5ml of BLOOM A and 5ml of BLOOM B per litre of water.
  • Never mix A&B Formulas in their concentrated state.
  • Always add to water seperately.

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