Iso Max Fan 200mm 870m³/h

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Max-Fan integrated into a silencer
The Iso-Max is based upon our patented 3D rotor-stator system, which guarantees impressive airflows. Unique to this fan is the fact that it’s actually a fan integrated into a silencer. The steel housing of the Iso-Max is extremely well insulated with a special type of foam. This makes for a very silent fan, thanks to the combination of high-quality insulation and the low turbulence of the airflow. The Iso-Max is also available with a 3-speed switch.
Iso-Max 3 speed is a totally unique diagonal tube fan designed to be efficient, powerful and silent. Iso-Max 3 speed like Max-Fan uses the stator-rotor system that enables it to be efficient, air performance wise and power consumption wise. However Iso-Max 3 speed is a particular type of fan, because it is a fan integrated in a silencer; the housing of the fan is completely out of metal, and for the noise reduction it is added a special type of foam. Its light weight, strong air performance and quietness, makes Iso-Max 3 speed the most advanced choice for a ventilation application.
Iso-Max 3 speed is speed controlled using the 3 step switch attached to the fan, and as a protection for the motor, it is equipped with a thermal switch that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature. In addition, Iso Max 3 speed comes with mounting brackets for an easier use.
For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Iso-Max 3 speed together with Can Filters.
  • Max-Fan integrated into a silencer
  • Silent and powerful
  • Easy to mount
  • Rotor-stator uniform airflow
  • Full galvanized metal housing
  • Acoustic foam padding
  • Swiss made motor
  • 3-speed switch integrated
Material Metal
Length 600mm
Weight 8kg
Diameter 200mm
Capacity 870m³/h
Current 0.5A
Power 121W
Integrated speed switch 3 speeds
Speeds 690, 740, 870
Compatible Filters:

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