Living Soil IPM Kit (Neem, Aloe, Silica)


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Living Soil IPM Kit (Neem, Aloe, Silica)



IPM or integrated pest management is a process you can use to build plant resistance against pests and disease while minimising risk to people and the environment. It encourages beneficial microbes and predatory insects while inhibiting pest’s ability to eat and breed. It’s a strategy that focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage through biological and other natural controls. This combination has been proven to be a perfect foliar solution for any IPM program, particularly in no-till, organic growing. The neem oil stops pests from feeding, silica strengthens cell walls and helps build healthier and stronger plants while aloe vera has many compounds which have been found in studies to be an important signal for plant defence mechanisms by stimulating the plant’s SAR (systemic acquired resistance). This weekly foliar program will help grow the strongest, healthiest and most resilient plants you have ever seen.
First add Silica and Aloe to spray tank, stir and shake well to activate saponins present in aloe vera.

Mix required neem into a measuring jug with a small amount of clean tepid water. Add this mixed neem solution to the spray tank and shake entire mixture well. Stir all ingredients thoroughly and use immediately. At sundown or after lights have switched off, spray on top and underneath leaves thoroughly to ensure all surface area of plant has been covered.

Never spray plants with Neem under direct sun or with lights on. Do not use once flowering begins.

The beneficial plant-based compounds naturally present in Neem and Aloe will begin to break down in diluted form after half an hour if not used. Only mix required amount and do not store solution for reuse.

Apply foliar once per week for prevention and every 3 days at full strength for eradication. Neem oil can solidify in colder weather and may need to be warmed up prior to use. Simply set bottle in warm pot of water for a few minutes to liquefy.

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