Grow Candy Light Bar 60cm (30watts Usage)


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Grow Candy Light Bar 60cm (30 watts Usage)

The Growcandy Light Bars can be ordered in one of three different configurations of spectrum designed specifically for those seeking to stimulate plant growth, maximise fruit size and weight and increase essential oil production. The user friendliness and ease of setting up an LED light bar allows you to light up any dark spots in your garden with minimal time and effort.
Providing your garden with targeted wavelengths at different stages of a cycle can trigger a range of desirable effects on plant photosynthesis. The low heat emission and low running costs will help to minimise your runing costs and help you gain more control over your grow environment. Whether you are propagating or adding extra light to stimulate growth and bloom the Growcandy Light Bars are by far the best option for growers of all scales. The Light Bar’s 6063 aluminum alloy heat sink housing allows for excellent heat dissipation while maintaining LED performance and a long life span of up to 50,000 Hours. No fans required, no moving parts, silent during operation. The IP65 water resistance rating enables them to withstand highly humid environments and is safe from the occasional water splash. The light bars run on low DC voltage making them electrical shock proof.
This spectrum consists of blue (440nm, 460nm) and cool white (6000K) LED diodes responsible for multiplying plant cells and promoting vigorous plant growth. The Grow Spectrum has also been found to increase essential oil production when introduced in the final weeks before Harvest.
This spectrum consists of red (640nm, 660nm) and warm white (3000K) LED diodes responsible for elongating plant cells, promoting heavy fruiting and intense flowering. The Bloom Spectrum has also been found to increase the leaf size and height of your plants during early to mature stages of plant growth.
This spectrum consists of blue (440nm, 460nm), red (640nm, 660nm) and cool white (6000K) LED diodes enabling your plants to convert energy from a wider range of available spectrum.
1x Set of sliding brackets pre attached to the light.
1x Set of metal Hangers.
  • Secure metal brackets using a twisting motion to the desired position.
  • Attach the metal hangers to the brackets.
  • Once you have secured your light in your desired position simply plug the light into any 240v power outlet.
  • Cable ties are an ideal way to secure your light into a vertical position i.e. on tent poles.
  • The recommended light distance from plants for both propagating and as a supplemental light is 15-30cm.
Product code
length(mm) 600mm
power(w) 25-30W
dimensions 600x56x35mm
area coverage 800x300mm
weight 1.5kg
cord length 3500mm
led qty 13 Diodes
lifespan 50,000 hours
warranty 2 Years
ip rating IP65


Product Code: LIGDFAR850

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