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Emerald Harvest Professional 3 Part Nutrient Series Pack

Emerald Harvest Professional 3 Part Nutrient Series Pack
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Emerald Harvest Professional 3 Part Nutrient Series Pack
This top-ranked 3-part hydroponics sample starter kit features our Grow, Micro, Bloom Professional Base Nutrient Series. Emerald Harvest has won the “Best Nutrient Company” award 5 straight times as voted by our community at Dope Magazine Industry Awards.
Why choose our 3-Part Cali Pro Kick Starter Kit?
Our 3-Part Kick Starter Kit gets you off to a head start by pairing our flexible 3-part base nutrients with our award-winning supplements, including a bloom booster, plant tonic, aroma and resin enricher and massive root builder.
The 3-Part Kick Starter Kit includes 1 qt each of:
• Grow, Micro and Bloom Nutrients
• King Kola,
• Honey Chome 
• Root Wizard
• Emerald Goddess
Revitalize your feeding program. Emerald Harvest Grow is engineered to accelerate crop growth and prepare your plants for a vigorous harvest.
Why choose our Grow?
• Our Grow formulation is tailor-made from the highest-quality essential elements to keep your plants growing strong.
1 US quart = 0.95 L
Revitalize your feeding program. Nourish your valuable crops and prepare your plants for abundant flower formulation. Emerald Harvest Micro contains a powerful blend of micronutrients, while maintaining just the right levels of nitrogen and potassium.
Why choose our Micro?
• Our Micro formulation is tailor-made from the highest quality essential elements to ensure vibrant, prolific blooms.
1 US quart = 0.95 L
Revitalize your feeding program. Harvest robust, fragrant crops with Emerald Harvest Bloom. Rich in phosphorus and potassium, this unique, easy-to-use blend supports flower development and encourages productivity in your garden's flowering phase.
Why choose our Bloom?
• Our Bloom formulation is tailor-made from the highest quality essential elements to invigorate your high value plants for heavy yields.
1 US quart = 0.95 L
King Kola
Emerald Harvest King Kola is a premium bloom booster designed to build big blossoms resulting in heavy buds and flowers.
Why choose our King Kola?
• High in phosphorus and potassium, King Kola contains ingredients that help drive budding, including nitrogen derived from hemp seed flour.
1 US quart = 0.95 L
Honey Chome
Emerald Harvest Honey Chome is made from quality ingredients blended for sweet success in your garden.
Why choose our Honey Chome?
• Our aroma and resin enricher is derived from natural sources that will nourish beneficial microbes in the root zone.
1 US quart = 0.95 L
Root Wizard
Emerald Harvest Root Wizard is designed to increase the bioactivity that bulks up root mass with plant-symbiotic microorganisms that helps your plants absorb and assimilate more of what they need from plant food for growth.
Why choose our Root Wizard?
• Root Wizard is a true microbial inoculant that has the beneficial bacteria necessary to colonize the rhizosphere of your crops.
1 US Quart = 0.95 L
           Emerald Harvest 723930 Emerald Goddess Premium Plant Tonic, 3.8 L ...
Emerald Goddess
Nurture your valuable crops with Emerald Goddess, an invigorating premium plant tonic from Emerald Harvest.
We’ve taken Mother Nature’s best naturally occurring elements and other components and purified and refined them into a superlative one-shot addition for satisfyingly big yields in your garden. Brimming with the finest Earth-friendly natural ingredients such as alfalfa and seaweed extracts, Emerald Goddess contributes additional macronutrients, vitamin B1 and humic acid. These are the building blocks that will enable your plants to grow strong and flower abundantly.
1 US Quart = 0.95 L


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