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Digital Microscope



The Growlush Digital Microscope Video Camera is an elegant, USB-powered device that allows growers to get a much closer look at their plants. This instrument, capable of zooming up to 200x, has a number of applications for growers. Use it to inspect and dissect your plants, and take pictures and videos to upload to your PC. The Growlush Digital Microscope Video Camera comes with all of the software you’ll need to plug and play. You can either hold it in your hand as a pen, or use it on the desktop with the included stand. An internal, white LED light illuminates objects, allowing for ease of use. This handy grow room tool is made of high-quality electronic components that contribute to clear image quality, low power consumption and high-resolution photo and video capture. 
CD Software Provided.

Product Code: DIGV9NC714

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Average Rating: 2

Does the job but doesn't make it easy

When operating the microscope with the zoom slider facing upwards as in the picture, and viewing on a laptop screen when you move the microscope in one direction it moves in another direction on the screen. The view is inverted on the screen making it difficult to figure out which direction you need to move the microscope to get a good look at what you want. I think the camera has been incorrectly mounted. I've previously bought a couple of the identical Chinese ones off Ebay and thought well I guess you get what you pay for so I thought it would be a bit safer buying this one but it seems they probably came out of the same factory. I've tried looking around on the microscope software to invert the image up the right way on the screen but with no luck. I've even tried using it with downloaded generic microscope software with the same results. That being said, when you can actually get the microscope aimed, zoomed & focused it does have good enough image quality. I also like that the LEDs can be dimmed down or turned off completely. All in all it gets the job done, but doesn't make it easy.

Josh :: 14 Jun 2017, 08:52

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