Can GT600 Filter, Hyper Fan 6" 150mm, Solid 6" Silencer Kit


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Can GT600 Filter, Hyper Fan 6" 150mm, Solid 6" Silencer Combo


Can Lite GT600 Filter 150mm/6"

200mm x 540mm with 150mm Flange


Dimensions: (with pre-filter)

Outside Diameter: 200mm

Height: 540mm

Weight:  4kg

Carbon Bed Depth:  35mm

Max Fan Flow Rate:  167 l/sec  600m3/hr

Recommended Fan:  Max-Fan 150



Double-walled filter packed tight with carbon that allows for a large surface area with no 'empty areas' of carbon that would allow air to pass throught it untreated.

Can Activated Carbon Filters remove 99% of everything under 20 microns from the air in one pass. This includes all organic odors.

Some of the uses of these superior air cleaners are: food processing, indoor growing, restaurants, mortuaries, or anywhere odors and air quality are an issue. Effective up to 60 months, 2 to 3 times longer than other filters.

Removes ALL organic odours.

Removes most incoming mold spores as well.


Hyper Fan 150mm - 536m3/hr

Hyperfans deliver the highest CFM’s per watt of any fan in the industry.

This digital fan is extremely reliable, quiet, and long lasting.

It also comes with a remote speed controller, allowing you to control the speed of the fan.

It uses approximately half the power consumption of other fans. There is no better fan in the industry.

315cfm - 149 L/sec


Sile-X Silencer 6"/150mm

Fan silencers do just that, they silence the fan you are using. If silence is important to you in your hydroponic system, it's a worth while investment!

150mm x 300mm



Product Code: CANZ5IQ736

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