Bio Bizz Starters Pack

Bio Bizz Starters Pack
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Bio Bizz Starters Pack Includes:


  • 1Ltr Bio Bizz Bio Grow
  • 1Ltr Bio Bizz Bio Bloom
  • 500ml Bio bizz Top Max
  • 250ml Bio Bizz Bio Heaven
  • 250ml Bio Bizz Root Juice


The Bio-Bizz organic range from Holland has become very popular over recent years partly because it is a complete package of products that produces consistently good results. Bio-Bizz has obviously put a lot of time and effort in to not only providing an excellent top grade organic nutrient range, but has also tried hard to meet as many organic certification criteria around the world and in Europe as possible, giving this product some strong ‘organic’ credentials including:

-Used 100% organic and active ingredients in accordance with EEC organic production methods.
-Is OMRI listed.(Organic Material Review Institute). OMRI certification is recognized worldwide.
-BFA and ACO certified. (Australian Certified Organic). IFOAM accredited.

Like all like certified organic products, this range of feeds and additives contain only natural ingredients prepared and produced within recognized organic production methods guidelines. It is a complete suite of growing products ranging right through from the growing media to Grow and Bloom Feeds, Alg-A-Mic vitality booster, TopMax Bloom Stimulant, Root Juice root zone booster and Fish Mix. These products are easy to use, give excellent results and are very well priced – you’d be hard pushed to find any better organic product that works as well and gives such fine results.

Bio Bizz Bio-Grow (1.8-0.1-6.6) liquid fertilizer is ideal for promoting lush growth during the vegetative cycle, particularly in soil gardens. This product is not recommended for a recirculating hydroponic system. Bio-Grow can also be used as a plant tonic during the flowering stage.The natural sugars in Bio-Grow benefit bacteria in the soil while the additional micronutrients and vitamins boost overall plant health. Certified organic by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Application rate is 20 to 40 mL per 10 liters of water during the vegetative phase.

Total Nitrogen (N)……………………………2%
1 % Ammoniacal Nitrogen
1 % Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5)………………….0.1%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…………………………7%
Derived from: molasses

Bio Bizz 100 % organic Bio-Bloom (1.1-2.5-2) encourages abundant flowering and fruit production by supplying much needed macro- and micronutrients as well as enzymes and amino acids. Bio-Bloom can be used for soil, soilless, or fortified coco, and is used from the beginning of fruit or flower production until harvest for larger, multiple blooms per site with enhanced color, texture, and aroma in flowering plants. Bio-Bloom can be applied through manual watering or automatic drip irrigation systems.

Application rate is 20 to 40 mL per 10 liters of water during the blooming phase.

Total Nitrogen (N)……………………………1%
0.5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0.5% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5)………………….3%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…………………………2%

Bio Bizz TopMax fuels prolific blooming while enhancing the flavor of herbs and vegetables in any garden. TopMax is perfectly suited for soil but can be used in other growing media as well. The excellent results are based in the use of humic acids

Bio Bizz TopMax fuels prolific blooming while enhancing the flavor of herbs and vegetables in your garden. TopMax is perfectly suited for soil but can be used in other growing media as well. Top Max has the threefold purpose of facilitating the uptake of nutrients within the plants, dramatically increasing the actual size and weight of floral clusters, and leaving a sweet smooth taste in the finished product. The extraordinary way Top Max assists in the flow of nutrients is made possible through the use of humic acids.

Humic acid is formed from soil and vegetable deposits that have formed over millions of years. The main source of Humic acid is drawn from a deposit called Leonardite which is the most highly concentrated organic material on the planet. Its source originates entirely from trees and vegetation which grew bloomed and died during the carboniferous period 300 million years ago. Over the ages the vegetation underwent compaction and heating where it slowly carbonized and became coal. This compaction squeezed out the organic acids and saps present in the vegetation and formed a pool on top of the lignite coal bed. This pool dried and aged and eventually formed the Leonardite shale.

Humic Acid as well as increasing nutrient uptake, assists in drought tolerance and seed germination. It increases the microbial activity in the soil promoting and stimulating root health and development. Humic Acid increases the availability of nutrients that are already present and will naturally aerate the substrate from the inside. It also assists in lowering the pH of the soil and flushes high salt residue out of the root zone. Floral growth and health is assisted by the use of fulvic acid which plays an integral role in natural plant life. It is reclaimed from certain exceptionally rich sources of humate deposits from deep within the earth.

Fulvic acid has an electrically charged nature that attracts to itself plant nutrients and minerals from both the microbiological soil base and applied organic fertilizers such as Bio-Bloom. Being a naturally charged particle working in combination with humic acid it penetrates the flower cell walls where it recharges and energizes old and dying cells, whilst stimulating new cell life. Though the ability to convert decaying plant matter into new life it also protects against mould and rot on the surface of the flower heads.

Fulvic acid is so powerful a conductor it is able to hold 60 or more trace elements and minerals in a single molecule, all of which are delivered directly to the flower. This ensures that when feeding plants liquid feeds such as Bio-Bloom and Bio-Grow , all the nutrients are made usable and readily available to the plants exactly where required. In the agricultural soils of the world available sources of fulvic acid have long been used up through thousands of years of farming. The absence of naturally occurring fulvates combined with the recent damaging of humus based soils through intensive chemical farming methods means that food crops as consumed by most of us are lacking in many nutrients and beneficial elements.”

Bio Heaven is a specially formulated Plant Energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino-acids. Bio Heaven enhances utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends and foliars and boosts up the anti-oxidant system of the plant, rids the plant of toxins built up during periods of stress, repairs chlorophyll and re stimulates the plant.

The L-amino acids used in Bio Heaven are extracted from soybean cake and other organic protein sources via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures the amino acids to be extracted in L-form, the only absorbed and used by plants.

Besides the L-amino acids, Bio Heaven contains natural aged humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments. This component, in combination with other operative substances in Bio Heaven, increases the quantity of minerals in the soil. These processes stimulated by Bio Heaven enhance the availability of nutritionally important trace elements, which are capable of entering plant cells.

Bio Bizz Root Juice helps plants quickly and easily absorb needed nutrients resulting in higher yields and a stronger, more resilient plant. Already rooted plants will experience explosive expansion in the root zone. Great for transplanting seedling and cuttings.10 to 40 mL of RootJuice per 10 liters of water.

ROOT JUICE is a harmonious balance of premium humic acid with seaweed especially formulated to promote vigorous root development, organically. To be used on soil, soilless, hydroponics, or bonsai gardens along with regular nutrition during stages of intensive root development.

It was originally developed to accelerate the root growth of transplants in soil. However, ROOT JUICE has now become popular with North American deepwater culture hydroponics, (including bubbling buckets, and EZ-Clone users) and rockwool growers because of the explosive roots associated with this product. It has also found favor with bonsai gardeners in Japan and the USA who need increased harvest success rates and strong roots developed from eco-friendly and organic sources for long-term and sustainable development.

ROOT JUICE is not a fertilizer. ROOT JUICE is a 100% vegetable root simulator that creates an explosive root growth in already rooted plants through the stimulation of the natural biology surrounding the root system. It provides a better yield due to the ability of the plant to accelerated the uptake of the nutrients faster; a higher resistance against high EC-values. and it produces a strong plant that is resistant to disease and insect attack.


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